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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by STAM, Apr 7, 2005.

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  1. I'm going on a sandcastle-building holiday during which I expect to be carrying a Browning. I'd like some advice (preferably from those with experience, rather than just opinions) on what the best option is - stick with the issue holster, get a shoulder holster or one of the American-style thigh holsters.

    Primary areas of concern are: safety (obviously), practicality, comfort and not looking like a complete muppet. I'm not worried about cost or whether holster A lets you quickdraw half a second quicker than holster B.

  2. Stick with the issue one then.
  3. Long long ago tankies had holster ideal for Browning. Had a long loop that went over belt to allow comfort and access when seated. Opon top with pull over piece. Get loop cut shorter. This if you really need something different from issue.
  4. You could convert the issue one to a shoulder holster if you're that bothered...
  5. From experience, if you're in green and want people not to laugh at you, use the issue item.
  6. Shoulder holster is great most places, except the desert - cuts a lot of the ventilation around your shoulers and armpit, and gives some people sweat rash.

    Issue holster is fine, but I used a couple of velcro straps to turn it into a thigh holster. With a retaining strap around the thigh, I found it was the best way to carry if you spend a lot of time bimbling around in a Landrover (when driving, place the pistol at the end of its lanyard in the dash cubby hole along with melted compo sweets - just in case you have one of those "interesting" journeys.....).

    EDIT: forgot to explain that the point about a thigh holster is that the pistol is clear of your flak jacket (if MoD gave you one) and/or your webbing (issue, vest or chest), especially when you are scrunched up in a vehicle.

    Since thigh holsters are dirt cheap on walterBay, I'd recommend you get one. DPM or BDU pattern is much less walter than black, otherwise you might look a bit like the Delta Force re-enactors at Beltring....

    EDIT#2: Kidding aside, the Sandpit is one time & place in your military career where you might just need your pistol in a screaming hurry, so don't be embarrassed to carry it in a way that suits you, or to be seen running through your weapon drills. I practised drawing, cocking and shooting left hand, whilst driving; no-one took the p**s, and later I was glad I did.
  7. I got a good thigh holster from the US via Ebay. Found it much better than the issue due to the lower carry. Much easier to use in a vehicle ans doesnt trash your shirt.

    It has good retention via t top strap that has a press stud in it for quick access.

    Cost about $25 plus P&P
  8. Top advice if you're driving around Iraq with a pistol and anticipating trouble: take pistol out of holster and place on lap with right (or left) hand wrapped around pistol grip and other hand ready to cock it. Simultaneously, ensure that your top cover bods/escorts are switched on. Arsing about with holsters - of the issue, shoulder or thigh variety - when the sh1t is flying will make you feel like a very silly soldier!
  9. I like CP's advice here. Another solution that springs readily to mind is to also book out with your friendly FAC and ask him to coordinate enough air and avn assets to effectively reduce the terrain (out to limit of effective small arms range) along your journey to a smoking wasteland. In this way, your concerns about reacting in a suitably 'Miami Vice' type way to any nasty stuff will be much mitigated.

    Glad to have helped! :D
  10. If you need to use your pistol in iraq you are most definitely in the sh*t

    Why not go for a simple " Comfy " leather, belt holster, one size fits all
    or if you hate the on/off on/off of a belt holster get a FOBUS belt paddle holster that you can pop/slide on and off when required
    They are comfy, nice and low profile (You don't look like john wayne) cheap, quick to pull out but also secure (they are molded for specific models)

    About 15 Dollars a pop
    You can get em sooper sharpish from a dealer in Belfast web address to follow

    toodle pip
    the gimp
  11. I missed all that sandpit nonsense, being old, fat and cowardly now, but there's still merit in the old "tuck it under the thigh with the butt easily to hand" ploy, as well.
  12. I should say that I was in civvies for my Iraq tour so I used the old faithful 'Price Western' leather pancake holster, but when I was in a vehicle, I had the pistol 'in hand'.
  13. I used to bring shoulder holsters back for the aircrew when I was in Bangkok on leave.
    Shop holder thought ,with the quantity I bought, I was maffia or something, never liked to discourage him.