Advice sought on diplomatic clearance in Australia

I am doing my resettlement in Australia on a diving course, as I am going to live over there in the very near future (not joining the Aussie Army but just being a civvi). I have been told however as I am technically going to be on duty while I am on this course I need diplomatic clearance to attend it, this came from my Regional Resettlement Advisor. Is this true and if so how do I go about getting it?
Ok, this is what you do, write a letter to your IERO explaining that you are off to Oz on resettlement to do your diving course, the reason you have chosen this location because due to the clear waters in Oz compared to UK waters means you will be able to do day and night dives at that time of year and complete the course in the time allocated without worrying that dives maybe cancelled due to poor conditions. You will need the address of the accommodation that you will be staying in while on the course.
He/She will then write a supporting letter and send it along with your letter plus your 363T and 1746 to 'those who make decisions' and within a couple of weeks you should receive your clearance.
You will have to make contact with the military attache in Oz prior to actually flying over to give them your contact details.

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