Advice Sought - Driving Offence


Hello Arrsers!

Bit of background:

On 4 Dec 2008 I was pulled over by Cheshire Plod as one of my break lights was faulty, 1 minute it was working fine, next it would just stay on. Fair enough - a safety issue. I was issued a ticket, told to visit an MOT approved centre and get it fixed, get a stamp on the ticket I was issued and return said ticket to Cheshire Police HQ. This I subsequently did, easily within the 14 day period.

Nothing more heard. Until...

10 February 2009. I was sent a requisition by Cheshire Police stating that my 'case' had been sent to court, with a 2 March 2009 hearing. Once I had calmed down a little, I attempted to contact the PC who initially issued me my ticket, but to no avail.

There are a few questions.

1. I sent the ticket back to them as requested, why am I been requisitioned?

2. I received no warning that said ticket had not reached them, it was straight to court. Is this right?

3. Though I could probably afford legal advice (just) I am loathed to fork out a wad of cash for something that shouldnt have even reached this stage. Anybody know somebody that could help?

4. Why me?
If you still have evidence of the repair, take it along to court on 2nd March. Or if you have just been asked to indicate a plea, plead not guilty by letter and enclose a photocopy of your evidence, along with a short note explaining things.

The police admin have clearly not recorded your stamped ticket (lost in post maybe?). Happens now and again and is usually easily sorted out.

The usual legal caveats apply, the advice is worth what you paid for it.
what he said if you have a reciept for the purchase or repair of defect. Maybe a phone call to plod and also think about compensation for loss of earnings if it goes to court


Having spoke to a multitude of people over in Cheshire, I have now gotten my answer: tough crap.

I do have to produce evidence that I had the work done within the alloted time limit and turn up in court to show this to a representative from the police. If they are happy with that, then all 'charges' will be dropped.

A day off work I suppose, but not a welcome one :(

Bloody postal service.

Thank you to those who replied by the way :)