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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by veritas, Oct 24, 2007.

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  1. Been thinking of getting a nordic track ski machine from ebay, as shown here


    Any one have one / used one. Are they any good?
  2. How come mate?
  3. No the are not any good they are a f***ing massive lump of bollucks! You look and feel like a total spazz and the movement feels so bizzare I cant use one for more than 5 or 10 minutes before I get so angry I throw the thing out the window.

    I have a mad hatred of nordic ski machines and cross training machines. Just run.

  4. Because I need to tone up and drop some weight.

    Those trikes look good fun but god knows when I'd use it.

    Problem is , now the weather has turned cold, i cant exercise out doors, the cold air isnt compatable with my type of asthma.
  5. Hope you are not hoping to join the forces in that case?

    If training outdoors is not an option then why not just use the treadmills and rowing machines at your local gym. Rowing and running are definately my favourite forms of cardio exercise, much better than a pussy ski machine anyway.

  6. I did try, not long after my sisters passed out but I have to use inhalers every day so there was no chance.
  7. Ah sorry to hear that! Maybe you will get another chance in the future!

  8. a cross trainer aint so bad, because its like running, i use it occasionally to give the joints a break.

    those ski machines are fairly shite. and unless you want to spend near a grand on one, it will squeak like a stuck mouse after a few months.
  9. Haven't got one of those but i do have a cross trainer and love it. On the occassions that I cant get out for a run or get to the gym, it does a good job at filling the gap.However dont buy a cheap one, get a decent substantial one. Also if you are a bit of a tv addict, there's no excuse, just use it whilst watching your fave programmes :wink:
  10. dont get a nordic ski machine they are indeed poo...
    try one of these
    might not be the best all round exercise but think of the fun to be had learning how to use it