Advice: Running Shoes! (Giving, not asking)

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Whiskey_60, Jun 3, 2008.

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  1. This is just my personal experience on how a decent pair of trainers tailored to YOUR style (or lack of) of running can make a dramatic difference on the effectiveness and speed of your runs.

    Well, for years now I've been running in a pair of £20 Nike trainers that I picked up from Windsors World Of Shoes. Not knowing any better I foolishly thought trainers are just trainers, what does it matter?

    Today I walked past a running shop called She Runs He Runs (link to the website at the bottom), thought I’d pop in to see what they could offer me as my old faithful £20 Nikes were starting to die on me and recently I had been getting pains down the side of my leg which I had assumed was due to said dieing trainers.

    Wow, what a fantastic service. I spent an hour and a half with a shop assistant that let me try on about 7 - 8 sets of trainers on a treadmill. With each pair he recorded my foot fall and played it back to me, in the end I had a picture of how my foot fell in each set of trainers (varying from lots of support to little support) and he recommended 3 of them to me where my feet fell correctly and it gave a straight-ish line through my ankle to my knee (apparently this is important!!), I then ran a kilometre in each of the three to find which I personally preferred and then picked them.

    All through it all the assistant could have pushed more expensive trainers onto me and indeed we did try a few £120 pairs which in his opinion were not right for my running style which I thought was remarkable!

    Most importantly we identified my growing discomfort in my legs was due to my utter shite trainers I had before and i even had a video done of me running in those to see how cock bent my leg and ankle was which was causing a lot of pressure on the outside of my calves eventually leading to the pain I was experiencing now.

    In the end I bought a pair of £80 Nike trainers that suited me perfectly, I can honestly say in my years of running I've never found it so comfortable, the onset of fatigue in my legs takes considerably longer now their working properly with my foot fall!

    Apologies if this doesn't make too much sense, literacy isn't my strong point but I just felt that it's made such an impact having this kind of specialist service that others should try it too! (if you have the spare cash!). It really can make a difference!

    I'm sure there’s plenty of shops that do this but this particular chain of stores is the first one I've found, it'd be great if anyone could recommend any more?

    Here’s there site and they've got a store locator on there too!


  2. Thanks for that. As my running improves I've been tending towards thinking that the trainers aren't helping.

    Now you've just given me an idea - I'll run to the post office and kill two birds with one stone!
  3. A fair few of the Sweatshop outlets offer this kind of service too, I know for sure the one in Fulham does.

    Also I know Run and Become in London (Victoria) gets you trotting up and down the street outside too, to check you're getting the right sort of trainer for your running style and feet.

    IMO it's well worth getting your tootsies in the right pair of trainers :-D
  4. Ex_Stab - I'm Glad it helps!

    And I couldn't agree with you more Flowers. To be honest I'm kicking myself for not doing this sooner, I'm running further and faster because rather than my running relying on one particular muscle group on my legs I'm getting the full use of them, my joints feel a hell of a lot better post-run and the usual muscle ache during the run has reduced dramaticaly.

    I only got them this morning but I've broke them in on a 5 mile mixed road and cross country run, using a route I ran regularly in my old trainers and i just covered it about 10 minutes faster and the overal discomfort was alot less than normal.

  5. Birmingham Running shop on the Stratford Road, Solihull do the same with the treadmill and video. Got mine for about £60 after trying several makes etc. Take along your old pair as well so they can see where any problems originate.
  6. The wonders of Sports Science. I'm pleased that you were sorted out.

    A simple check of your 'everyday shoes' by looking at the wear on the heels is a simple to undertake. Are they 'worn' on the outside of the heel or the inside, always a combat indicator as to your basic posture / walking gait. Starts from there.....................
  7. Brilliant post W-60! I will seriously look into this, once i have some cash that is ;)
  8. Yeah the sweatshop near me does also. I had major problems with my feet, I had nike shox and they were causing knee, ankle, calf and shin pains went to sweatshop they watched me running and walking and fitted me ive had 2 pairs of good nike running shoes sorted it still got shin splints but always did :(.

    Went to basic got the rubbish, shit, waste of money silver shadows and they fucked my legs in 2 runs and i still have the shin splints thanks to them 3 months on. PTI's saying when i was in PT there great comfy supportive etc... yeah bullshit!
  9. So are you saying I should ditch my faithful Silver Shadows?

    They're the place to go if you're anywhere near Pompey and they do a discount if you show your MOD90. I got a pair of £95 Saucony's for £85 and that included about 45 mins of the assistant's help-as mentioned above, I tried on about 5/6 pairs ranging in price from about £50 up to about £110 and I wasn't forced into buying the most expensive pair either.
  11. Don't ditch them, just do what i did and butcher the shit out of them with a knife so they look like sandles (cutting out pretty much everything cloth including the sole) and use them for the shower room!

    Or you could buy propper sandles for the shower, your call...
  12. If i saw another pair of silver shadows i would pore petrol on them and burn them. Hmmm that might get little tricky if i go into JJB sports.
  13. Do you have to wear silver shadows in basic?

  14. When I did it, yes you did (2003). (If your going regular that is, what I've seen of the TA CMSR they let you wear your own within reason aslong as you wear issued socks)

    I believe at some people were saying ITC Catterick are allowing recruits to buy their own trainers? Or is that after the 12 week point?

    It's been done to death already but the Army should let recruits buy their own trainers if not give them some sort of allowance and a guide on which ones to buy.

  15. They've just put a similar service in Lillywhite's in Piccadilly Circus. Not used it yet but it looks a vast improvement on what was in their running section.