Advice - RMAS going in May - Anyone in Tunbridge Wells?

Hi All,

I am going to RMAS in May this year and as everyone I want to prepare myself as much as possible.

I want to find out if there is someone in the Kent area particular Tunbridge Wells that is looking for a training/prep partner for Sandhurst.

Also as stupid as it sounds what type of civvies should I bring to Sandhurst, not wanting to rock-up in hoodie and jeans and look scruff...

Any help and tips on anything much appreciated! :policecap: :rmp: :soldier: WIBBLE...


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Do _NOT_ turn up wearing the devil's cloth! You will be soundly beaten to death with your own nuts for that...

I have a set of joining instructions from my stay there, and the general gist of it is that you'll need a suit or two (nothing shiny), some moleskins (maybe), and something like grey flannels. No jeans.

That said, you should get all this sent to you.

Good luck by the way.
are you a bird, are you fit? i'm nowhere near tunbridge, but given as Selfless-Commitment is a Core Value i'm prepared to travel!

Get a reasonable suit - nothing OTT a well-fitted M&S 2 piece plain grey/ navy will suffice, go for a good heavy cloth, expect to pay around £250. You can use part of your uniform allowance to get a proper suit from the tailors' bazzare in T2/3. Also get yourself a sports jacket and slacks, again nothing too elaborate, you will only waer it to tescos and to go on the lash - don't bother with a blazer, you get issued one.
What is the difference between sports jacket and blazer?

To me, a sports jacket is the top half of a Adidas tracksuit, correct?


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Keep thinking that & you'll go far.
Learn how to phrase thread titles properly. I read it to mean that RMAS was closing but wondered what the reference was to Tunbridge Wells was?

Seriously though take D_D's advice although don't expect to get a suit with your Uniform Allowance at the end as they have (I believe) tightened up on that. Previously you got Service Dress and Mess Kit plus other bits and pieces like suit, Blues jacket. The price war between the tailors got ridiculous and they went back to basics.
I am disgusted and from Tunbridge Wells.

Cheers for all the info much appreciated! The Devil's cloth will not be worn although I will miss it...
D_D good call on the M&S suits, just looking to getting started. I won't lie I haven't a clue what a sports jacket is but then I am common as muck.


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"A sportcoat (sports coat, sports jacket), also mistakenly called a blazer, is a tailored coat for men. It is of a similar cut to a suit coat, but is designed to be worn on its own and not as part of a suit. Styles therefore may be less restrictive. Compared to suit jackets, sturdier fabrics are used, such as woollen tweed or houndstooth. Originally sportcoats were worn as casual attire for hunting and other outdoor sports".

Ignorance is not necessarily bliss.
Rifle85 said:
D_D just so you know put the c*** back in your box I am a fella! 8O
And a walt to add! :D

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