Advice Required

Hey Guys and Girls, I am posting out of my comfort zone, but would ask you to please bear with me.

I have a close relative, who is in hospice care, who recently having being asked to give his 'history' by a junior doctor, in front of a consultant, did so, and the younger doctor, after my relatives explanation said to the consultant, 'We will find out the actual cause post mortem'.

My two sisters were present. The comments obviously caused upset.

Was that professional, is that behaviour in this day and age normal, and if not what can I do about it.

To my mind, it was entirely innapropriate, especially as the relative concerned has been told by both the nursing staff, and his familly that they had entered the hospice, to be as best as possible, returned to normallity.

Any advice is greatfully received.

I don't want to hang anyone here, (They have a difficult job), just trying to guage whether our outrage is justified. After all they work in a hospice, not boots.

After all, in todays society, post mortem is a common phrase, which is understood by all.
Thanks KB, I am not out to do any harm here, and was not present when the comments were made, merely reporting the facts as given to me by my sisters.

It is an NHS facility, just found the comments (if they were heard correctly), a little dissapointing, if not alarming, especially when the relative concerned is from an older generation, and the mere mention of the word 'hospice' instills fear on its own. We as a familly have been, as have the nursing staff, trying to convince the patient that they are there to enable effective control and management of their treatment, and not in this instance, (not yet anyway), been admitted to be looked after until they pass away.

On a seperate note, I visted the ward today and my relative had just fallen asleep, (Sleep is at a premium at the moment), and almost immediately, a 'Nurse Assistant' walked into the ward, and shrieked with glee, at the sight of chocolates, that had been left by another patient, who had been discharged earlier that afternoon.

I pointed out that my relative was sleeping. The nurse walked up to me, about 6 inches from my face and said, 'so you want me to shut up then'. No apology, or remorse. It was like we were in the way.

I replied, 'Please, if you don't mind'. She, the nurse just 'huffed' and walked off. I was bloody angry and had to leave.

It's a slightly awkward situation, cause these people are looking after my relative, or at least they are supposed to be, so I don't really want to rock the boat.

The majority of staff are wonderful, but we have been as a familly, to say the least, very dissapointed.

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