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My solicitor has completed work for me and the Financial Consent Order has been signed sealed and delivered. She got the house & contents, I got my pension and stuff. During the negotiations me Ex asked that I pay some of her admin for for transferring the mortgage (£52.50) (cheeky cow). I told my solicitor ok lets just get rid of he. My solicitor wrote to her and said he would only forward a cheque to her or her solicitor. In essence both my solicitor and her solicitor missed it, when I paid my final invoice (some £700 more than quoted), I quite honestly assumed that everything was taken care of. See below, where do I stand?

Dear .......

I have sent to you a copy of the email which I sent to .... yesterday. I enclose a copy of her further response dated 27 March. She is a hard lady and she intends to take us to the task of the Solicitors Regulation Authority if we do not pay that money. We think that we would have to pay it and it would then put us in a position of having to stand in her place and seek to recover the money from you. We have had a good relationship and we hope that this would not be necessary. The reality is that there was an agreement that you would pay this £52.50 and it would be appreciated if you could let us have a cheque for this amount so that we can forward this to her. Obviously this extra work is not being charged for but I would like a cheque payable to ........ which should come to me and I will forward it to her.

Yours faithfully,
I was in a similar position twenty-odd years back and I'm sorry to say that your only choice is to pay your solicitor with a smile and agree that you both missed the clause. If she's anything like my first £52.50 it's worth it to get rid of her (and I'm even more sorry if it's not).

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