Advice required

Am deploying on tour where maintaining phys is a tad difficult.OWP is pretty poor LEGACY RUBBISH MAINLY and only decent treadmill is on a booking notice only, for fat people who usually walk on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!so wish to buy a treadmill for the lads from funds.Can anybody advise me on a decent make, looking at no more than £600.
Just the job , but I know what the blokes are like most of them will go on there with their nikes and running shorts.But the odd one will assume they can bang a 10 miler out carrying full scales.

Need something robust and squaddie proof.

Are there any PT busters or club swingers (I know Royal have been on this site) who can advise me accordingly?
Life fitness do some good ones- found in loads of gyms. Depends what your budget is? have a search for any gyms auctioning of old kit as you can sometimes get some good deals.
Consider buying an ergometer (rowing machine) concept two are the make to go for they provide a full body work out and are bomb proof.

If you can find a rower to show you how to row all the better
Yep thanks for that good advice, one of the blokes has packed his concept rower anyway and the OWP has 2 rowers I think. Still need some APTC input on what features I should be looking for with £600 TO SPEND on a treadmill.

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