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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by sebcoe, Apr 8, 2011.

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  1. Just had my ex missus on the phone in tears, she just rang the family tax credit to change circumstance, address etc.

    After a few questions the Op started raising their voice, accusing Ex Mrs SC of Fraud, she will go to prison, wouldnt let her finish any explanations....she had to hang up.

    Can we get the tape of the conversation.

    Whats the best way to complain/get it sorted.

    Thanks in advance
  2. Rod924

    Rod924 LE Kit Reviewer

    Yes. ALL conversations are digitally recorded. Request for the conversation (supply name/date/time etc) and after about 2 months you will get a cd rom through in the post. Very, very useful as evidence if legal matters are being instigated
  3. I doubt you will ever get a tape/recording.Especially if the Op was in the wrong.

    I asssume it was the DWP she rang?I was dealing with them for my Granny,every person I spoke to gave me different advice or info.Seems they have a complaint procedure.Good luck.
    Complaints and appeals - DWP

    Sorrry just,read the above.I do apologise.Got my cynical head on.
  4. I used to work on a tax credit information line, and I can tell you that nobody who does is remotely qualified or competent; they'll just be some fecking temp. Not sure about every call being recorded, they are monitored at random but I don't think they all get taped.
  5. Ex had the same thing, she phoned a few days after our divorce and they started off by being rude and asking why she had not phoned sooner. Then the guy was a total pr*ck for the rest of it.
  6. I'll ask my missus when she gets home - she works DWP. I do know ALL the calls are recorded though - they have to be reviewed often for instances of people giving abuse - but it's normally the other way round.

    There's something called a "Subject access request" which is a legal requirement for them to provide you with held info on you under the data protection act. This also covers telephone recordings.

    Home that helps - I'll get back when I've asked the missus.
  7. If the conversation was recorded then there would have been a notification at the start.
  8. Bear in mind - you have only heard your ex missus's version. There's nothing wrong or illegal with a DWP worker reminding a caller of potential consequences of a fraudulant claim, or even suggesting a claim is/was slightly dodgy or irregular. Did your ex raise her voice?

    One thing I do know - shedloads of them are being made redundant and contracts are not being renewed. It's dog eat dog in the DWP and I quite doubt an operator would get away with something blatently irregular or wrong on a recorded telephone call. My missus often mentions phonecalls from irate welfare recipients who launch a tirade of abuse. In almost 100% of the cases, those calls have been passed "up the line" to my missus as the caller has demanded to make a complaint about the previous person they spoke to. Those people normally end up getting banned from the job centre - often, many end up with a police visit also.
  9. My Ex didnt have time to get angry, all she wanted to do was infrom DWP of changes of circumstance, the Op would not give her any chance to explain but mentioned prison & fraud a lot....however she did phone back spoke to someone else and it was sorted without any hastle...I would still like to get that tape mind.
  10. Was it def the DWP she called? Tax credits used to come under Revenue.
  11. The OP possibly means HMRC (the revenue) , as HMRC deals with family tax credits. Working Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit are benefits which are paid by HM Revenue and Customs . Most other benefits are dealt with by the Department for Work and Pensions. What are tax credits and how can I get them.

    Difficult to know who's in the wrong without first hand knowledge but there are some good online resources.

    The Tax Office apparently does have a complaints procedure, however a legit community advice worker might get you a bit further if you felt that strongly about it.

    See page three on this one
  12. When you phone tax credits the speel at the start tells you your call may be recorded. Your Ex needs to write to them saying that she phoned on this date at this time and spoke to Jim?jane. She wishes to obtain a recording of her call in order to make an accurate complaint. An easy quick way to get a complaint processed once its lodged is to involve the MP - they are good for something, well their PA is - MP's have a private phone line and once the PA phones them it tends to get sorted rather quickly. When she sends in a complaint cc a copy to your MP & let HMRC know that your doing that, they normally jump when their boses are involved
  13. You can't. However, she can. Data Subject Access request, as mentioned above. Used to work the exec analysis of receiving end of those for a large organisation so, if you or she want help in framing it properly, happy to assist.
  14. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    A Freedom of Information Act (FOI) request should get your missus everything they have on her?