Advice Required Ref PTSD Victim

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by short-fuse, Jun 23, 2007.

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  1. I have just met a young lad who is a former Lance Jack in the Scots DG. Claimed to have resigned after 4 years having suffered from 'Comabat Stress' during TELIC 1. Seemed a very genuine lad who had done 13 months for GBH whilst with PTSD. Now working in the South East on agency work and despite a faultless military record can't get a decent job as he has a criminal conviction. All his treatment was via the NHS via a civvy Psychologist who he claimed didn't really understand. He had never heard of the Combat Stress charity and claimed that the RBL and Regimental Association had not helped him. I am going to get him in touch with Combat Stress but wondered if there is any organisatins that ARRSERs no of that help out ex-cons with military connections or societies that may be able to help. Those who know me on the site will realise that that i am not easily swayed but this lad sounds very hard done by.

    Can any one help?
  2. Unfortunately Combat Stress and the NHS are the only 'official' places he will be liable to get any help.

    I am ex-raf and ex-civvy plod and have had no help what so ever with my illness (clinical depression) from welfare agencies for either.

    If he wants to talk, I am a PM away. He is not the only one out there suffering and he is not alone. It is hard, I am there right now, but there are people out here that know what he is going through and understand.
  3. Combat stress is the place to go - and you can self refer to them.

    Can even be done on line link for combat stress
    That will put him in touch with a welfare officer who will visit and make an initial assessment and go from there.

  4. Not sure what the score is with them mind, so it might be duff gen - but it could be worth trying the guys at Chilwell, who run the reservists mental health cell
    contat details for RMHP

    If nothing else they might be able to point you in the direction of other support agencies who may be able to help.

    Good Luck