Advice required re swimming training.

I would be grateful if anyone could give me some advice on swimming training. I am due to comepte in the army championships for my unit in 3 weeks and am unsure how to prepare myself. I used to be a very good swimmer (county level as a boy) thus am ok on the technique front which serves me well when messing about in the pool. I don't have access to a coach and I am at a minor unit without an APTC presence. What I do have is a pair of speedos, some goggles and the ability to go the the pool for about an hour on 12 occasions before the next gala. I swim all strokes but haven't timed myself. I will be racing in 50 or 100m events.

I realise that this is a very short period of time and I do not expect miracles - I would just like to be able to do my best for my team on the day.

Thankyou for your replies.
Any chance of you getting your mits on a pullboy or a kickboard as well? As this would help doing swim drills no end...
You need to focus on speed primarily as you're only going to be racing over short distances.

Tell me what stroke you are competing in.
For the next 2 weeks i would go on improving your swim fitness. Then for the last week concentrate on your speed, starts and turns (if you can still tumble turn).

Would suggest for the next 2 weeks-go for freestyle and breastroke.

100 warm up
1-4-1 pyramid ie 1 length rest, 2 length rest 3 length rest etc to 4 then down with 15 seconds rest between lengths on the way up and down. Raising this to 1-5-1, 1-6-1 if possible.
100 swim down

3rd week.
100 m sprints
50 m sprints (both in chosen stroke

warm up and swim down to ensure you stretch muscles and get rid of the lactic acid as much as poss. Train 3 days per week minimum.
You may also try swimming longer distances (obviously slowly) - say 50 lengths, whilst wearing and old Tee shirt. Tis will increase drag and make you work harder. When you take it off you will notice a difference.
Also concentrate on your trechnique and let the speed build naturally. Technique will get you through!
Mate you need to be in the pool for at least 5 hours per day..
3-4 months before.. all good advice tho.

Question.. is there no entry time quals for the Army Champs?
There used to be..?
Thanks for the advice. Not sure which stroke I will be competing in. Typical busy minor unit sports team - everything with little team training.

P.S. We got through by coming in the top two in the Div championships for minor units so no qualifying times required. Would love to train for 5 hours a day but regretably work gets in the way of such things :D

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