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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Dogger1, Dec 18, 2006.

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  1. Hi all,

    Forgive me if this isn’t the relevant forum for queries of this type!

    I am seeking advice regarding life within the RAVC, as a “Dog Trainer”……any serving members able to give me a realistic low down on the daily life and any + & - points of being a Dog trainer?

    I am ex Signals, and got out around 4 years ago after a 5 year stint, Sigs really wasn’t my bag and I didn’t enjoy the job, or the regimental life within the Sigs. I am now looking to get back in, however this time would like to do something enjoyable and rewarding, something which suits me as opposed to the career officers stats.

    Any other recommendations would also be appreciated.


    Dogger! :D
  2. Dogger

    Dog trainer and handlers are the new sexy trades.
    In Germany last year there where 400 applicants to transfer to dog handler - and the RAVC accepted 48!

    give the RAVC Recruiters at AMS HQ in Camberley a ring
  3. Smashing, thanks for the feedback...

    I actually applied to rejoin as a Dog trainer over 2 years ago from the careers office in Germany, this process took close to 8 months, the careers officer informed me at the time that the process was taking so long as the R Sigs first had to release me from their reserve list.

    After a period of waiting my civi job in Germany took a turn for the better and I lost patience and interest and decided not to follow up my application.

    Any one with experience in the application process for persons rejoining as a diff cap badge??

    Any contacts in Glasgow perhaps?

    Thanks again!
  4. problem with ACIOs is that they dont have a real understanding of AMS trades, thats why the Recruiting teams were set up - and all ACIOs should have them, and are supposed to give the number out to anyone with an interest

    Im back at work tomorrow - Ill dig it out and write it up here for you.

    Good luck
  5. that would be fantastic, thanks alot for your help.

    Can this team recruit directly?

    I am actually still situated in Germany at the moment, perhaps this means I would have to process the app via ACIO Germany in Herford.

    Further to this, any serving members able to shed some light on the day to day life, tour situation etc??

    thanks again! :D
  6. er, training dogs!

  7. Ask the ACIO in Herford to get in contact with

    Military Working Dogs Section OIC in Sennelager

    Two types of dog handler

    1. RAVC capbadged handlers

    2. E2 Handlers - soldiers from other cap badges who undertake training and two years as a handler
  8. Intellegent feedback always welcome of course…. :roll:

    Id like to apply and be RAVC badged, as far as I am informed “all arms” handlers are restricted to handling protection dogs, and aren’t really involved with the initial training of the dog, more “upkeep” and admin of the dog.

    I’ll follow up with the ACIO and see what comes out of the it.

    During my previous application I had the opportunity to visit the working dogs section at Sennelager, the OC dog section was a fantastic bloke and was able to offer loads of help and advice…..I would imagine that he’s since been posted on but its certainly worth a try.

    Thanks again for all your help & advice.
  9. dog handler and dog trainer are 2 completely different jobs.
  10. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

    Not within the RAVC they're not mate.

    All recruits and transfers to the RAVC attend the Dog Trainer Class 3 course, which is virtually identical to the Unit Handlers course with the Baiters Course tacked onto the end.

    The current plan is that there be no Pte soldiers at the Defence Animal Centre in Melton and that they all be posted to the 'Operational' units to gain some handling experience before moving onto the 'dog training' part of their trade (101 MWDSU in Aldershot, 102 MWDSU in Sennelager or ADUNI), although there are rumours at the moment that these are all moving to Luffenham in the not too distant future.

    Also bear in mind that a Dog Trainer does not just train dogs but the personnel that handle them as well, whether that be protection (the big snarly fcukers) or the various search dogs (cuddly labradors and spaniels).

    Dogger - PM me if you have any specific questions.
  11. Cut n paste from their website

    Dog training is an extremely rewarding job. Service dogs are either trained in protection roles (Guarding) or detection role (Searching for explosives or drugs etc). You may be responsible for up to 6 dogs at one time. Each dog is reliant on you for its training and welfare. You must be self motivated, with a desire to develop the best the dog is capable of. You will require patience and that indefinable quality which allows you to build up a close relationship with animals.

    Following basic military training at ATR Winchester, you will commence Corps training at the Defence Animal Centre, and will initially train up to Class 3 standard, handling protection dogs. You will also be taught how to act as an intruder wearing a padded arm! You will, following a suitable period, progress through to Class 2, and then Class 1. During this period you will have been instructed at each stage and taught all there is to know about dog training and kennel management. A a Dog Trainer you will able to qualify to Level 3 NVQ.

    Conditions of Work
    Once qualified you can be posted throughout the world as either a Dog Trainer Instructor or an Operational Search Dog Handler. Currently dog trainers are serving in Cyprus, Germany, Bosnia, Brunei, Iraq, UK mainland and Northern Ireland. Recently Dog Trainers have been detatched to Botswana, Kenya and Australia.

    Career Structure
    Once you have completed your specialist training you will be eligible for promotion to LCPL. How quickly you advance to CPL depends on a number of factors, not least your eligibility and motivation. As a CPL you will find there are opportunities to improve your educational qualifications attending courses, improving your skills in man management and administration before rising through the ranks of SGT, SSGT and Warrant Officer 2 to Warrant Officer 1. Some Warrant Officers go on to achieve commissioning and become Officers.

    Sorry I cant find the RAVC teams number - but the QARANC Recruiting team are on 01276 412741, as they are in the same building - i'm sure they will give you the correct number to ring.

    Good luck matey
  12. Great feedback..

    Thanks to everyone for your help & input!
  13. dogger 1, I was at DAC Melton in the mid 90's.


    Dog handler course - 2 weeks, baiters course- 1 week.

    The above is all that the unit handlers do. RAVC, however, do the following in addition.

    B3 Dog trainer course:
    Given three dogs to train (under instruction) within three months, including kennel duties, basic dogs to be trained 'patrol, arm true'. This means that the dog is a protection dog (ie. 42 toothed furry shark) trained to apprehend an intruder by holding on to the arm, as opposed to 'guard dog' which is a really nasty fukcer which apprehends by grabbing wherever it wants to.

    On successful completion of B3 course, the recruit will (or used to) be
    assigned to the 'patrol' training section (approx. 25 personnel) and at any one time will be responsible for the training, care and exercise of 3-4

    Normal Workin Week:

    0800 First Parade
    0815 Kennel cleaning and dog exercise
    1000 Naafi break
    1030 Dog training (approx. 6 people working together)
    1200 Lunch
    1300 Dog training
    1500 Naafi break
    1530 Feed dogs and final exercise
    1630 Fukc off home

    Alternate weekends:
    0800-1000 kennel cleaning and exercise

    Expect that for 2/3 years before you get a chance at the AES (arms + explosives search) course, followed by training AES dogs for the B" qualification.

    Loads of other possible employment, if you want anymore PM me.

    PS, you will also need to know the location of the White Lion in Melton Mowbray and Tubes night club, and be able to put your hand down a drain full of dogshit after a night on the stella without chunderin'.