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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by worried, Feb 25, 2007.

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  1. Hi
    Hope someone can help. am worried sick about my son. he has been in the army for the past year and he's been doing very well. he has passed his driving test and is now being trained to drive HGV.

    This weekend he came home as usual parked the car at home and went out for the night. on saturday he went to a friends house, had 2 lagers and the whilst driving home he was pulled, breathalysed and charged. he has to go to court. seems that he was still over from the previous night and hadnt had much to eat during the day.

    can anyone tell me what is likely to happen regarding his career. he cannot be more sorry for what has happened and is worried sick that his career is going to be over.

    Any advice would be appreciated. thanks
  2. I'm afraid if he is convicted his career is down the pan. If his sole proffession in the army is driving then i fear he will be released, don't quote me on that but he is still in training and this would not be tolereated

  3. Not quite buying the "over the limit from the night before piece". 2 lagers is enough to put you over the limit, even if that was all he had on Saturday - which I doubt.

    Anyway, you don't say what trade he is - clearly the Army won't let him drive their vehicles, at least until his ban has been served. Having said that there are plenty of non-driving jobs in the Army, and generally speaking you don't have to drive to work!

    If other than this mistake he is a good soldier then I doubt he'll be chucked out, and in the longer term they won't hold a mistake like this against him. (If he is chucked out then it won't be just because of the drink driving ie they could use the DD as a good reason to get rid of a problem soldier).

    Finally I'd tell him to let his chain of command know what has happened asap - when he does he'd be as well to cut out the stories about being over from the night before!
  4. If he was training to be a driver anywhere in the Army, Chimp is correct; he's buggered if convicted!

    However, it is possible that your son could find another job, but that all depends on how well he has been doing and whether his Officer Commanding is willing to work hard on his behalf. I have seen it go both ways; convicted of drink driving and discharged shortly after (primarily because it was the latest in a long line of run-ins with authority), and convicted of drink driving and allowed to stay in (but with a stop to promotion for 3 years).

    He needs to take legal advice from a local solicitor. Remember that he isn't convicted until the police bring the case to Court and the Court convicts him.

    And make certain he knows he is a prat. Frequently.

  5. So he was caught drink driving, he will be in a long line of other reprobates outside the SSM’s office for that one. However all is not lost, if he is a driver trade he will be moved on to a job or post which doesn’t require that particular skill or if his CO takes a dim view he may be kicked out (very rare and he can appeal, young, reckless you know the type)

    Best bet is for him to keep his head down, serve his ban, move on to a new posting and in time it will be forgotten about. That’s the best bit about the army it tends to forget and forgive if you’re a good soldier.

    Look on the bright side for the next year his mates can ferry him to the pub and back and he never has to have a turn on shark watch.
  6. I recall a fellow squaddie losing his licence when I was in Germany in the early 80's after he was done for D&D, he was a mechanic by trade and needed his licence to qualify for his trade pay element.

    The outcome was he was kept in, but lost the trade pay element of his salary until his licence ban was over, he went on to pursue an eventful and haphazard career.

    In these days of difficult retention and recruiting I would be suprised if he got the heave-ho, but you can never second guess the Army system!!
  7. My mate also got done for drink driving, lost his trade pay and his promotion stopped, however didnt get booted out and after his ban was over went on to have a successful career.

    But as we dont know what he is in or how far training is, cant really say what will happen, but the he only had 2 isnt an excuse.