Advice Required - Injury and TCB

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Trinners, Jun 26, 2006.

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  1. Hi,

    Need advice:

    I've just come back from Westbury and Queen's OTC Summer Camp (attached from Rangers to do Officer Training)

    I injured my left knee at camp before having to attend Main Board at Westbury. On the saturday morning at Westbury I aggrevated the injury and had to pull myself off the course. Devastated is an understatement as I've spent the last 10 months working full time, going to college 3 nights a week to do a degree and spent most weekends either with the Rangers or Queens. The injury has been confirmed as probable lateral ligament damage, possible cruciate ligament damage and probable torn cartilage (all injuries to left knee). When I pulled myself off the course, the President of the Board told me that I need to take a long hard look at my fitness.....and that because I'm 32 I should reconsider applying to the main board again. I've come back from a serious injury to full fitness in time for the camp but on the camp did the above injury. I'd been running 5 miles daily with 25kg and without weight, in the gym 4 times a week to rebuild upper body strength. And because of my knee injury (I tried to carry on but I lost all confidence in the knee after the assault course) I've been tarnished unfit by Westbury. The advice I'm looking for is once I've got my knee sorted and at the moment I'm clinging to the hope its not as serious as the doc seems to think it is, how do I go about getting Westbury to give me another shot?? I've worked to hard and made too many sacrifices to just give up.

    Any advice is greatly appreciated.


  2. One question, main board? at 32?

    Hell 2 questions, QUOTC? at 32?

    Commiserations to you, I did the same thing (ligament damage, right knee!), kept going until I died, and the knee was totally fecked (still is to a degree). Now looking to go back to the work/uni/TA grind, if I recover well. If I dont, I might come a knockin and steal that good right leg of yours!

    To be honest, im not sure whether the fact you removed yourself because of an injury would be seen as an intelligent decision, but, I fear it may be seen as lacking the intestinal fortitude (guts, dear boy) for commissioning. But, hey, I went for the balls to the wall approach and have suffered for a year because of my ballixed knee so maybe you made the right decision for the long term.
  3. Having met you at Briefing, I hope to god you speak to the Rangers CofC and get them to send you back to Westbury once your knee is healed.

    Faugh a Ballagh
  4. You NEVER pull yourself off a course, it's up to someone else to throw yourself off it! You've just demonstrated to the Board you're not prepared to go on and give it your all or die trying, prefering instead to use 'coursemanship' and quite to have another go later. And that, sunshine, is not the appropriate attitude for someone who aspires to hold the Queen's Comission. It doesn't matter how you dress it up, that's the bottom line. You would have been better placed to reattended the Board if you had completed it and failed due to the injury and been told to come back and repeat it. Further more, you WILLINGLY presented yourself to the board UNFIT to complete it! You would have been better advised not to attend until you were fully fit. It beggers belief you were allowed to attend in the first place and I'm sure someone at the Board will be making that fact clear to you unit.

    Now, as to the future. get the injury sorted, get yourself fitter than you have EVER been in your life and present yourself to the board in a physical condition to pass it. If you haven't the character to work through the pain until someone else pulls you off, how the hell are you going to lead men on ops if/when the same thing happens again (as it almost certainly will with knee injuries).

    This is harsh, it is meant to be. I hope you bite the bullet and take this on board and get fit and re-present yourself to the Board in a fully fit manner and pass! Remember, you've put too much effort in to give up, so don't be so scared of failing to not give it your all, regardless of your condition.
  5. I did exactly the same thing on a PJNCO's cadre (left knee cruciate or ligament damage). Although I got pulled out by the DS and wasn't promoted, it was mentioned in my course report, that I did really well and passed the course despite carrying said injury.

    I'm on psuedo-light duties at the moment, waiting to have an MRI scan to assess the damage but if it's what the doc suspects, I'll need an op which will put me OoA for at least 3 months.
  6. Is it really up to me to point out the expression used several times thusfar - "pull myself off"

    Pnarr. Yak.

    And isn't TCB something to do with Elvis? Do you mean RCB?
  7. TCB - Territorial commissions board, I believe.

    Im just surprised he was there at 32, I thought the upper limit for TA commissions was 30.
  8. Just a tiny point. Having had one of my lads Discharged from the regular army on medical grounds cos the DS didn't notice he'd broken his leg on the assault course. At what point do you decide "Hmmm, maybe I'll just cripple myself for life..."

    Adding to that. If said canadiate had been been rendered unfit for his real world career, do you realy think MoD would cover the damage to the canadiate's career?
  9. Wee question; why are you running with weight on your back - that's a surefire way to ruin your knees.
  10. Good point, tab yes. Run..? Dear God, No!
  11. Well I'm having repair surgery tomorrow AM. Need lateral ligament repaired, torn cartliage to be removed and cruciate ligament needs repairing too.

    Regards age - The upper age is now 35.....only recently been changed.

    Regarding 'taking myself off the course'.....I was a liability to my syndicate and couldn't help them in the command tasks or leaderless tasks. Rather then make the group look bad and because I'd run out of painkillers and was in sheer agony (I think the grinding sensation in my knee joint was probably the cause as well as the torn lateral ligament). I made a decision for better or worse. I have to live with it.

    Fitness - My fitness is not a question. I regularly give the youngsters a lesson in fitness when running / tabbing / playing footy. Because of the injury sustained in camp I was unable to perform. I told the staff I didn't want to go to TCB because I knew I couldn't give it 100% but was told to go anyway. I didn't have the choice. It's now obvious I should have just walked away. I didn't. The Rangers have now lost me for a quite some time.
  12. Good luck with your fitness. Take it easy though.