(Advice required) Housing managers an arrse!!

I'm currently on a 6 month deployment like most of my unit, and my wife who is left behind in germany informs me that the new housing officer (A WO2) has sent out letters giving all the pads wives 2 weeks to get a grip of there gardens and surrounding areas as he is to do an inspection (including over 6ft hedging that runs down all the gardens in my street).
Furthermore any home that dosn't come up to his standard will then be billed £30 per hr so that the german camp maintanance team can go and sort out the gardens.

So my questions are, can can he give only 2 weeks notice? can the army just take this money from my wage if my wife fails the inspection?

Oh and please don't judge me as a moaning c%*t I am fully aware that the gardens ETC. on the patch are the responsability of the tennents, but what is getting to me is the fact many of these women have kids, jobs, some are pregnant and most have there husbands away on tour. In my eyes its just Bully tactics.
Hmm pregnant jobs, eh? Sorry couldnt resist it.

Regarding the unruly garden: I dont know if yer man is within his rights imposing a time limit of two weeks, but presumably you can write a response (or your wife can) and ask for a stay of execution.
From what I can remember (I've been out a while) FSQ gardens were tidied up at public expense whilst husbands (ok, ok I know partners) were away on tour. Certainly happened at the units I was with.
Don't know if it applies in Germany (don't see why not) but headless households in the UK SFA quarters are entitled to FREE gardening by MHS so I don't know why it should be either chargeable or an issue in Germany.

Try contacting the AFF - they'll know the answer (and a rep is a member on RearParty posting under AFF)

Totally agree that the Housing Officer is bang out of order...eejit.
Unless she is a signatory to a tenancy agreement, it is the husband who is the tenant of the property who is physically unable to carry out his obigations under the tenancy. I would have thought that a dependant spouse would have had recourse to the Rear Part Unit Families Officer whose job it is to intercede in such cases as this.
So if I start to complain about this should I contact the welfare officer, as they should be loking after the famalies or contact the housing officer and ask him what he's playing at?
If a unit is away on operations then there is a general rule that Defence Estates/BFG tend the gardens whilst serving partner is away. In any case, hedges and the like that are over 6' tall must be maintained by MHS/DE and this is certainly the case in UK.

When I last served in BFG I deployed on HERRICK and the garden (front and back) were squared-away by the local housing office. My advice is to get onto the Welfare/Families Officer to get him onto the case. He'll soon sort the lunatic WO2 (LSL) bloke out.
archron said:
So if I start to complain about this should I contact the welfare officer, as they should be loking after the famalies or contact the housing officer and ask him what he's playing at?
I fail to suppress the red mist when I hear about people like this. Were it me in this situation I wouldn't be able to stop myself from approaching this bully's chain of command. Twat's like him shouldn't be considered for employment in positions like this.
Try writing to the Army Families federation magazine, I did it once when I was having a problem with the estate warden at Theipval Barracks (Mays Road) when I moved back to UK in 1999. They billed me over £200 and called me and my wife a dirty family.

Once this all came out, I got a written appology and refunded my money due to the fact that we are not dirty. They were just little men with a bit of power trying to justify their own misserable lives.

I still get a red mist just thinking of them, and their attitude.


remember, your wife does not have to take this kind of shit, under any circumstances, made even worse when you are on tour and unable to actually do anything about it directly.


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