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Hello Chaps,

I'm a serving TA Soldier in the north of England and I want to do my part for Help For Heroes - Mainly because it is an exceptional charity that deserves every penny we can raise, but also because closer to home a member of my unit has unfortunately had to use Selly Oak and Headley court due to injuries sustained on Operations - They have done an amazing job in rehabilitating this person.

My Civilian employer has pledged to match whatever I can raise and I have members of senior management within my Civi work place that are willing to jump along with myself (I've never undertaken a parachute jump and neither have they). I also have managed to get a contact in our regional radio station (I won't name it but i promise you it IS the most listened to station around here) so provided i can get the admin side off the ground theres a good scope for me to drum up some exceptional support as i work for a large blue chip organisation.

Now, this is where I need a little help. I have never organised a charity event before and I am dead serious about getting this right and maximising the amount that goes to Help For Heroes.

If this were you, where would you start?

Have you ever done this before in the North of England and can recommend a company that does simple charity jumps?

Do you have any more suggestions on how to drum up more support for this event?

Can you offer me any general advice or pointers that will make this a success story?

Thanks chaps, I know i'm coming across with really pump questions, I'm just looking for assistance from my fellow Arrser's!


**Disclaimer: My spelling is pants but can we look past it for this post?**


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I did a parachute jump to raise money for Mencap a few years ago. The airfield and the Charity provided a lot of the paperwork, sponsor forms, medical forms, etc. (Your GP has to say that you're fit and your heart can take it if you do the 10,000 foot tandem jump rather than the lower static line job.)

You need to find the cost of making the jump (they charge for fuel, insurance, and I suspect the tandem jumper's time). Make sure you factor that in; are you meeting the costs yourself or are you deducting it from the sponsorship? I had to pay that up front, so make sure you have the money to do that before booking.

Then just advertise. Word of mouth, local papers, employers, websites, clubs and societies, wherever you can get the dosh.

You don't say where you are in the North of England. If you're anywhere near Whitchurch, Shropshire, I can recommend Tilstock airfield. Good plane, great safety, and excellent bacon butties. Otherwise, I suggest you use Google, and ask around for recommendation.

Edited to add; there's a weight limit too, so make sure you're under that before you commit, or you could look a bit silly.


Try contacting the H4H Team at Tidworth and they may be able to offer advise and someone in your area who is willing to help.


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S'ok. PM me if you think of anything else.
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