Advice required for imminent deployment to KAF.

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by bobbit, May 8, 2010.

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  1. Can any one help..... am due to start pre-mobilisation training in 6 weeks and want to know (preferably from those who have been),what currency due you need for KAF????
  2. Danish Kroner.
  3. Spaz.... I take it you mean US Dollars?
  4. Is this a Wah?

    (dons anti-wah headgear) Dollars.

    Plenty of them too, if you like Timmy Hortons donuts.
  5. $ means Danish Kroner in my book.
  6. No mate, Hong Kong Dollars.
  7. They'll look at you funny if you pay with anything but these:

  8. Ha...Ha..... no walt.... due out in Sept so trying to get things sorted early
  9. also make sure you take your slippers.
  10. September, play it safe, order £5000 in every dollar denomination just to be safe. Don't forget your Belize Dollars either.
  11. I think the shop next to the Dutch Echos accepts Euros as well as dollars . (Fags are cheaper than the NAAFI and two 5000 boxes fit nicely into army black bags). But its Dollars everywhere else, there is a cash machine on the Boardwalk that pays out in dollars otherwise cash a cheque with the clerks (free) or the BFPO (Fee 2.50 unless you are with alliance and leicester then its free)
  12. Next to the mobile phone shop?
  13. Theres one on the boardwalk, one in the American PX, on on the way to the PX from the boardwalk and several on the Saturday market. (or there was on Herrick 8)
  14. All the Burger Kings, Pizza Huts, Subways etc have closed because of McCrystal, but there are still plenty of places to get fat!

    The gyms are excellently equipped and there are various circuits and stuff on so no need to get fat!

    You can pretty much get whatever you want shopping wise, but it strikes as 'centre parks' to the transiting serviceman.

    As long as you are not deploying as part of JFCIS, as they are off down to Camp Leatherneck, er, now,