Advice requested - misuse of a technical trade

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by Ryder02, Sep 7, 2009.

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  1. Gents / ladies
    I seek advice from your collective centuries of experience.
    I have somewhat fictionalised the details here to protect the guilty, but overall the circumstances are correct.

    Let us take the situation as thus:

    A technically qualified Sgt who was recently posted into a unit outside of his corps, lets say for sake of argument he is an experienced surveyer from the RE, posted into an Artillery unit. This will be a deployable position and it is anticipated that he would be deployed quite sharpish to Herrick.

    The task he was posted in for initially does not require his technical abilities, so he was employed doing admin tasks - working as the CQMS during an abscence of that post holder.

    He has recently been told that it is unlikely he will be deploying - almost certainly not. Furthermore, he is not being employed in any way related to his trade, continuing in his post as the CQMS but also taking up the slack where required to undertaking alot of the admin that a shortage of RA seniors have created.

    Whilst the Sgt understands the neccesity of doing what ever is needed during this very busy period, he feels that to spend 3 years being the units bitch covering for a lack of seniors is not what his manning and records would approve of given a severe shortage of his trade in the Army as a whole.

    Okay - I would appreciate your opinions on whether the Sgt in question should go kicking and screaming to his manning and records due to being mis-employed, or just crack on because of the neccesity caused by ongoing op's.

    Cheers gents.
  2. This sounds like an easy number for a technician sergeant - I would be quite happy in a CQ role.
  3. What about suggesting politely but firmly to Glasgow that he would really rather be employed in-trade and would be willing to IR to theatre if that would help?
  4. Why would you join the Army, get a trade, and then want to be employed as something else. I'd be miffed also.
  5. The main cause of dissatisfaction here is the the post was created to directly meet an urgent need in theatre for the skill set.

    There is now no need for that skill set, either in theatre or back here. Instead being used to do admin jobs - basically being the unit bitch alot of the time.

    Sgt is very annoyed - if it weren't for the mortgage would have signed off and in fact contemplates it every morning on the walk into work.
  6. BQMS...
  7. If you are that unhappy then you should contact your manning and records.
  8. If that is how 'The Sgt' feels everyday then he needs to get something sorted asap.

    Every now and then a job comes along that we probably don't relish but he can't do a 3 year tour thinking along those lines.

    Get a posting soonest.
  9. Why was he/she posted away from a unit that does not require techincal skills? If female is she up the duff or male is he a ravaging homosexual? Either one is a good enough reason to be posted as Unit bitch.
  10. Go to manning and records. Whilst there are very few survey Sgt slots available (if any) he is getting majorly mis-used.
  11. Re-trade to the infantry