Advice requested for degree use in the services

I would like some sound advice & feedback of how best to utilise this qualification on completion:
I'm currently a serving soldier on a MLSE contract & undergoing a "Bsc (hons) Risk & Security Management" degree within my local University, i would clearly like to stay within the services rather than leave & use it in civvie street, for now anyway

I understand the AGC/MPGS are defined as security specialists tri-service unit & are responsible for at least 77 sites up & down the country, my question is mainly would a commision within the AGC/MPGS on completion of my degree be my best route & use my qualification within this unit or is this not possible?

Any advice & feedback is welcome
You really haven't researched in to the MPGS that much, have you?

MPGS are mostly recruited from the old and bold leaving the service. The "capbadge" was formed to take the strain off the normal unit's soldiers who had better and less morale sapping things to do than base security tasks.

There is no such thing as a commissioned officer in the MPGS. Rank progression stops at Warrent Officer.

They normally answer to the RSM and/or the officer responsible for the camp sy, often a Bn 2IC.

Go look at employment elsewhere, would be my advice. You will get paid more and at least make use of the qualification.
You have to remember you wont actually use the degree that much in yr early years. Your degree will help you analyse, write papers, think laterally etc etc but on commissioning you will be a Troop commander (generally - irrespective of Corps) and your day to day will be reports, returns, leave management, training of soldiers, allocating work tasks to soldiers etc etc. I cant see a young grad/offr getting into security projects, not really until senior Capt/Maj (ie, SO3/2 level)

RMP maybe?
Int Corps?
I thought Int Corps, or maybe the RMP... RAMC?

There are probaby all sorts of jobs open for this sort of stuff.

What about REME, they are always sh1thot on Risk aversion :twisted:
I've been informed that the MPGS are looking at an Officer structure due the fact it's growing rapidly but it will be based only at Southwick Park along side the RMP only thats why i was asking as i'm aware at the moment the rank stops at WO, INT Corp/RMP is another option but thats why i'm trying to keep ALL my options open

I've got to do a lot more research to whats available to me on completion but seeking advice & guidence is mainly what i'm looking for at the moment

Cheers for all the feedback, i'll be watching this thread for any further input
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