Advice reqd re 14 y/o son

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by weekend_war_widow, Dec 22, 2005.

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  1. I caught my 14 year old boy doing a spot of one handed net surfing this morning. The Weekend Warrior was not at all concerned by his son's behavior "all part of growing up.... nothing i wouldn't have done at his age had internet porn existed... blah, blah" but it upset me and made me quite angry with him (my son) - banning him from the PC etc.

    I don't want to ban him from the internet completely (he's got a lot of course work to do over the holiday) but I want to minimise his access to porn. We've already set the parental controls to on explorer to maximum but he was still able to find hardcore porn. Advice please.
  2. :lol:

  3. Cut his hands off and gouge his eyes out.

    Failing that get a callgirl for him. Xmas pressie he'll never forget.
    :wink: :mrgreen:
  4. either lock him in the garage or take the keyboard away.
  5. msr

    msr LE

    I think that the possibility of being caught by his mum having 'one off the wrist' is going to be far more effective than any software you install....

    Although, if you do want to go down the software route try:

  6. Offer him the use of your "front bottom". Whilst he is pounding your love tunnel, no doubt reminiscing of his exiting drills 14 years previous, ensure the video camera is running, recording his teenage fumblings and subsequent torrent of virile, young "tatty water". May I suggest you send the recording to
  7. So you're not concerned and you would have done it, but you were angry with him and banned him from the computer? Why?

    1. No doubt he could be reciting this moment to a psychiatrist cos Mom was a c*nt about it.
    2. If you'd have done it, why is it so bad for him to do it?
    3. At least he's not out there getting some chav pregnant instead!

    Jeeeeez louise...
  8. Alternatively you could do what Ctauch's mum did (still does, but the arthritis in her wrists means it's more difficult) and give him a tug yourself.
  9. Read the post again, Tsar Nik - My husband was not concerned - me upset.

    I also have other, younger children in the house and I don't want them receiving an advanced education.

    Thanks Otto - your suggestion seems to fit the bill.
  10. do the old box of cigars for smokers trick

    Lock him a room with non stop internet porn and make him wank til he cums blood he'll soon lose interest or go blind and not be able to see it anyway
  11. This is probably the best advice given. Putting the computer in a family room is far more affective than any software solution.

    Also, has your son got a restricted user account on your pc (assuming you have XP).................If not all your security measures will be worthless.

    Some thing else for you to think about. Set a bios password and make sure the computer can not boot to a CD drive. If you don't and he gets hold of something like Knoppix, nothing you install will stop him viewing anything he wishes to.
  12. pay some chavs from your local estate to cut him with rusty stanly knives
  13. Buy him some magazines and tell him to keep the hand-jive in his room. :roll:
  14. I am a Mum of a 14 year old (plus younger sibs) too, and have stumbled across porn on No1sons computer. That'll teach me for trying out Googles photo organiser - it organises everything on the network, and we have five 'puters on ours.

    For a split second I thought I was going have a heart attack, I soon got over myself before reacting, and just settled for having a quiet word with him about ensuring he kept it out of general circulation (ie where his younger brothers might stumble on it) - I reckon at 14 he is going to access this kind of stuff anyway, and at least my way he gets to act a bit responsibly....I hope ;)

    I can understand you might have been upset - its difficult to handle some parts of kids growing up, but grow up they must.

    If you are unable to supervise your younger children on the puter, praps you should wait til you have time to do so, or invest in some 'netnanny' type software?

    How did your son react to you embarrassing him?