Advice regarding officer entry age

Hoping someone in the know regarding officer recruitment could give me some honest advice.

2 years ago i applied to the RN as an aircrew officer, passed my AIB with good scores in leadership but was not selected for a place due to my age, I'm just turned 24 and I'm a non graduate. When i applied to the RN they were not very concerned about my not having a degree, i have some good A-Levels. The simple question is would the Army take my age as a disadvantage as im not a graduate? Why take a non graduate at 24 when you could have one at 18 or 19? Would the regiment I apply to make a difference? I've been considering the RMP or a light calvary regiment if that helps. I'm keen to join but it took almost 2 years for the RN to finally say no, don't want to waste my time. Any advice/criticism appreciated!
Age and qualifications should not concern your aplication. Providing you fit in the bracket (which you appear to) and have the requisite A levels (which you say you have) then you should apply. You will still have to comp[lete the AOSB at Westbury, if you pass your initial interviews, after which on on to RMAS and a life of reilly!!
On a similar topic, I wish to join as an officer after 6th Form (when I'm 18), will this set me back or will they want something extra-special etc due to my age?
Hey mate, I went to sandhurst straight after my a levels aged 18, and I loved it!!! ( I did have a army scholarship so when I announced I was not doing a degree, going traveling for a bit and would be going to sandhurst in the jan they couldn't say no)

Ive had a brilliant career so far and have done so much, your age wont matter as long as you can do the job.

By having more time on your hands you get to be a troop commander a lot longer and are not rushed to be a Capt before you are ready. Troop Comd is the best job by far and you will get to do it for longer!!

Yes you will get paid less but hey, you will have no student debts, and start earning a good wage at a younger age!!

There is also the chance to go back and do a degree whilst being paid by the army on full wage, later on in your career, ( 10 places a year for the Corps so very competitive) but rumour has it they may be stopping this... wait out.

Degrees are not everything!!! :wave:
Ok thankyou for this as I really don't fancy doing any degrees which I have no intention of having a related career to, and especially like the thought of not having student debts for something I don't want :)

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