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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by tviper, Dec 27, 2010.

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  1. i'm new around here, so hopefully this is in the right place!

    i'm due to start training march next with a line infantry regiment, i've been given a date but not yet done my oath or been given my joining instructions. the thing is, for some time now, i have had an urge to go para reg, i'm capable of achieving the standards to begin training, i am 100% sure this is what i want to do.

    my question is, what would happen? Would i re-take adsc, then do prac? Would i have to start the whole process again? Would i even be allowed to change at this time!? i'm not worried if i will have to start the whole application again, i just want to know what the score is.

    cheers, any advice or past experience appreciated!
  2. i almost went para reg....for my i would have done prac at afc.
    you done your adsc then?? because i think as long as you have the required standards (e.g -9:18 run time) then you just need to book prac, then you'll be reviewed for catterick.
    not my field of expertise as you'll guess but hope it helps :D
  3. Iso

    Iso Swinger

    I also plan on joining the Para regiment, but I would really like to have an idea of the basic requirements I need to aim for at ADSC i.e. Mile run times, push ups, sit ups, team tasks, e.t.c
  4. you should check out the ADSC thread, all the para stuff is in there.
  5. If you hadnt been assessed as potential PARA at ADSC then you will more than likely have to go back down....however it will all be up to the ADSO at ADSC so speak to your Recruiter who can look at your report and judge what to do next. If you have been assessed at ADSC at potential PARA all that the Recruiter needs to do is get you on PRAC.
  6. Thankyou for the reply IRON, you know your stuff! I was not assessed as a potential para recruit, but as a line infantry recruit. Would it be a hassle for my recruiter as I imagine he won't be too happy! If I have to start from scratch, I'm more than happy to do so. Does this happen very often do you know?

    My run time was in the 9.20s, not fast enough I know, I'm easily able to knock out a 9.00min. I guess that would make it a done deal for re-taking ADSC?

  7. Cheers mrhog, good luck with the RM, I'm pals with an ex-royal,and I've heard all about the "sheep dip" haha!
  8. The only advice I would give you is to knock down your run time as much as possible and be smashing the phys. I know you say you could achieve 9:00mins, but this is close to the minimum, you should be aiming for at least sub 9mins. All the best.