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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by mrjoshua, Sep 30, 2009.

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  1. I've found out that there's a pretty slim chance of me being able to join the Royal Engineers due to having bad GCSE grades. The only other thing i'd be interested in doing is joining the infantry. My local regiment is PWRR so my choice is going for that or trying to go PARA. What are the major differences between the roles of these two regiments? Do any of you have any advice or experience you could share with me regarding joining the infantry as opposed to other areas of the army. i.e. Pros/Cons etc.

    Any help will be extremely appreciated, just want to get out of this bollocks rut i've been in and get out there and do something decent with my life.

  2. I'm not an expert, nor am I a member of either, but I'm in the middle of the application process to join the Infantry.
    It depends how fit you are as to whether you go PARA. I would LOVE to do that, but at the minute I'm just not fit enough, and I want to get joined up now, so I've gone the Rifles, and hopefully the 1st Battalion the Rifles because they are a part of 3 commando brigade so you get to do the AACC if you want.
    I've spoken to many people in the army, including a Major who has been in for over 30 years. He says that the Infantry IS the army, and the rest of the it support them, be it COMMS or whatever. Also, Infantry is proper soldiering.
    The cons are that Inf don't get paid that much compared to other jobs, where you might find it harder/slower to get promoted. Take for example the Royal Military Police. Once you've completed training you get promoted straight to Lance Corporal, so obviously are on a higher wage. Although if you can't get into the Engineers you wont get into the RMP.
  3. Im Guards so I'm not and expert on either regiment however, the main difference is that the Paras are air assault/light infantry so they spend a lot of time on exercise tabbing around.

    1 PWRR are armourd so will spend a lot of time on exercise driving around in Warriors and spend a lot of time in camp on the vehicle park.

    2 PWRR are light role so they will spend a lot of time tabbing around.

    Take a look at the Army website that will help give you an idea of the differences of the roles.

    The Infantry is a good life even if you spend alot of time either cold and wet on exercise or bored and on barrack guard.

    It is possible to specialize in various areas. You can train in Signals, Mortars, Anti Tank, Recce, Assault Pioneer, Driver or a Medic

    You might also have a Corps of Drums who play either flute or side drum (ours is currently be employed as Assault Pioneers on Herrick 11).

    We also have a Pioneer Shop who can train in carpentry and sign writing among other things.

    We also have our own tailors who go away and learn to tailor things (obviously) though their main jobs are sewing flashes on to combats, mountings medals and tailoring tunics.

    Depending on your unit you might have to wait a few years before you'd be allowed to go to one of the support platoons.
  4. Cheers for the info lads much appreciated. I'm drawn more towards the PWRR at the moment simply because it's my local regiment and i'm a sentimental fecker! Also after asking around etc they seem to be quite a well respected regiment, as far as i'm aware the Sgt up at the careers office is PWRR so should be able to get some decent info on them. And i don't think i'm quite fit enough for P company at this present time.
  5. To go para you need to be ******* fit.I completed the parachute regiment assesment course,which you must pass and complete before getting a start at catterick.That alone is hard,you have to do a 3.5 mile "warm up",up and down hills (mostly up lol),at a fast pace,before you even attempt the 1.5 mile pb which must be completed in under 9.30 minutes,and you are given only a couple minutes in between to recover.Then theres the trinasium (obstacle course in the air lol) and the steeple chase,dont get me started on the steeple chase hahaha.Forget p company,try passing that for know,if you think your up to it.Good luck...