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Discussion in 'Juniors' started by dgm91, Dec 21, 2011.

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  1. Hello, i am wondering if someone can answer my question please. I know that you no longer get red books when leaving, but who writes your testamonial? My hubby has been told to write his own by his YoS. Is this right?
  2. Why complain? Write yourself a glowing report and get someone to sign it.
  3. Chain of Command write the testimonial and he'll get a naff JPA print out in lieu of the old Red Book.

    Edited: Complete Fucktard spelling error.
  4. He aint complaining lol.....he is going to do just that.
    An A4 piece of paper after 22 years is a bit naff though isnt it......looking forward to being a civvy.
  5. His CO is supposed to write it, if he's lucky. If not, it'll never be written especially if he was unfortunate to have a sea hat who resembled Harry Potter. The skinny 4-eyed ******* wretch.
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  6. Just what use do you think the red book was?
  7. Michael aspel should write it.

    This is your life?
  8. Or alternatively, the greatest work of fiction since vows of fidelity were included in the French marriage service.
  9. I am the one that works with sea hats and bootnecks....he is lucky lol....joking......they are a good bunch really, well most of them!
  11. My Red Book lied like a cheap Chinese Tick Tock, it said I was a 'Credit to my Corps,
    who would be sadly missed by all who knew me"
    Is that why they pushed my car up the A38 from Barton Mills with a fcuking MK?

    Not only that, there was no mention of my time in the 'Det' or the time spent with
    'THEM' especially the controlling of the uprising in Bangkok and Pattaya.
    When we were in charge of 'Walking Street' every cnut ran.
  12. Just trump up his LS & GC citation (if he got it and probably wrote it).

    Shouldn't take too long.
  13. I just had to supply a list of bullet points of where I'd been and what I'd done over the last 22 years. My CO then wrote it and the end result was quite good.

  14. Mine was "written" by the OC LAD at the time. The same self obsessed moron who caused me to sign off! turned out to be as useful as the proverbial 'motorcycle ashtray' and was binned on the way out of the gate!
  15. Written by the LE Sys Eng, the biggest brown nosed jack **** I ever had the misfortune to work for (He had also been my ASM). "I'm a Corps Rugby player, it's the only sport worth playing. What's that Colonel, you are a Hockey man? I love hockey, allow me to coerce the Wksp into joining your Regimental Hockey Team." Also the reason for signing off when I did.

    My Red Book has never been used for anything remotely useful, the write up inside doesn't reflect the trade/ role/ or responsibility of my service. WOFTAM.

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