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Well after deciding enough was enough and time to rejoin the TA at the grand old age of just under 34, I've been stepping up my fitness.

I'm now swimming 600m every morning and I've joined BMF where I'm doing intensive circuit training 3 evenings a week.

After two weeks of keeping to this schedule, I've actually put a pound of weight on, although my waist has shrunk a bit.

I'm a bit confused and also a bit concerned. I feel much better than before, but when I last played soldiers, about 10 yrs ago, I was 12.5 stone. Now I am 15.1! I am 5'10".

I have a medical coming up and I'm worried that my BMI is going to be pants, yet I'm eating very sensibly!?!

My main question is, if I keep to this level of training, will my weight eventually drop below the magic 13 stone mark?

All sensible advice gratefully received.
In short, if you keep that regime up and eat sensibly - YES!
flowers said:
In short, if you keep that regime up and eat sensibly - YES!
Says the girl that's been in training, to join, for how long?

Watch out, she'll wave her biff chit at you


Don't worry about bmi too much, it is only a guide, if your waist and other measurements are moving in the right direction you will be fine.
Speaking from experience, my BMI was huge when I went for my medical and they still let me in!!


Don't worry about the slight weight gain.

When you start training, like you have done, the first thing your body does is build muscle, and since that weighs more than fat you get slightly heavier.

It takes a little linger to burn the fat off, although if your waist size has gone down it sounds as if you are doing, and eventually you will see your overall weight reduce, as the muscle bulk will stabalise in mass to suit your activity level, and you will keep buring those love handle calories!!

Stick with it and you'll be fine.


You haven't addressed your diet here. You say you are eating sensibly but how have you defined that?

Bear in mind that in order to lose about 1lb of fat you need to burn / not eat 3500 cals. It sounds a lot but really isn't too difficult. With the exercise you are doing you should be burning about that per week without a dietary change but cut down on sugars/starch/saturated fats as well and you should be flying.


I agree with nomad above but I also think that BMI is an excuse to get rid of wasters. It doesnt mean much unless 'they' want it to.

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Gym, circuit training, swimming - when you're bored but frankly not going to make much difference, just go running 4 times a week, work up to 10k, start carrying a light pack - say 10kg, when you can do that add boots.

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