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advice re online medical form

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Hey guys, I have tried to search for an answer to my question prior to posting this.
I apologise if its been covered and ive missed it.

Ive just completed my medical form, and answered all questions as honestly as I can.

The worry I have is, The question about public health, specifically about illness which can be passed onto other people, it specifically says all types of Hepatitis. However The Hepatitis I have is Autoimmune, so is not communicable. I Ticked no to the question as it cannot be passed on to other people. It is under control and has not caused me any issues in 5 years. 2 pills a day and I'm fine.

Will the medics see this as an issue. is it likely to bar me from joining the reserves.

Cheers guys for any advice, good or bad,
Not open for further replies.

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