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I'm thinking of buying a landrover as the second family car. I don't like people carriers, I hate 4WD "Chelsea Chariots" and my missus needs something that will stand up to her silky reversing skills.

Therefore, a few questions to those of you who use these fine vehicles daily:

1. Is there any benefit in sourcing an ex-army LR, or are they all phucked by the time they get sold on?

2. Can I get a LWB with a detachable hard-top?

3. Do those ex-sigs type wagons come with windows in the sides too?

4. What sort of year/ mileage am I looking at as reasonably cost-effective?

5. Any ideas as to good places in the London/ M25 area to buy one?

6. Any ARRSE people looking to flog one?

Any advice much appreciated etc.

Veg old fruit...(eh?)

Catch yourself on sunny Jim, would you want to own an ex-Services Land Rover? Think of the worst driver you ever had on your detachment...then think of yourself at three in the morning trying to get off a position "they" all said was unoccupiable!

If you live somewhere "real" and not up that Lunnon, as we West Country folk refer to the Satanic Mill, then you do not have a Chelsea Tractor - you have an appropriate vehicle. Unless you buy one of those vile Porsche or BMW four wheel drives, in which case you are on secondment from the queen's Own Very Lightweight Hairdressing Corps.

Discovery is the answer. Get a seven seater though, they hold their value better for some bizarre reason probably associated with rug-rat fanciers...
If you go to the local newsagent or supermarket, there at least three specialist magazines for Land Rover enthusiasts ("Land Rover International", "Land Rover Enthusiast", etc); these mags are full of dealer listings for civvie and ex-MoD L/Rs. There are about five or six dealers who hold large stocks of ex-MoD L/Rs.

The best MoD buy would probably be one of the "station wagon" L/Rs with windows and rear seats - the chances are it'll have come from an air field or other cushy MoD establishment and won't have been thrashed off road all its life.

Are you sure you want a surplus L/R? They are cheap to buy, but expensive to run and hideously expensive to maintain - esopecially if you get one of the ones that has started to corrode through the chassis...
Well, this is why I asked; it certainly doesn't have to be an ex-military one, just wondering (being a tight bar steward) if there were any bargains to be had. I saw a military one today on the M25, looked like a LWB 110 but it was a sort of civvy racing green with a ladder up the side and a schnorkel. Very nice.

I have some, albeit limited, experience of the Disco... wondering if I can afford one. This wagon will be used for big supermarket runs, visiting my in-laws in Cider-shire, booze assaults on the Pas De Calais and ferrying sprog(s) around etc.

I'll look up the LR enthusiast-type magazines.

And yes, Cuddles, the Porsche Cayenne is a vile fooballer's wife-style monstrosity. Not that I could ever afford one, but I do giggle at the pointlessness of them.



I had a Discovery in Iraq: stomping vehicle with a V8 engine which did about ten miles to the gallon. I've been trying to persuade Mrs chickenpunk that we need a diesel version since I got back, to no effect so far.
Forget the rover, get yourself a stalwart, cheap at about £5000 and if she ditches it in the thames well you dont have to worry, or maybe you do :roll:
I doubt I'd have room for a stolly outside my modest drum, although I live gobbing distance from the river. The missus turns out to have an inner walt, however; she loves the idea of "a big army jeep (sic) in camouflage with a net and petrol tins (sic)."

And she's from an army family, believe it or not.

My mate had a totally screwed lightweight rover , hard top , buggered gear box , you had to bunjee the back door shut .

He sold it for over a grand around '97

amazed me the what it was worth
Cant believe anyone would want to voluntarily drive a landy, if you want something big and hairy try a Dakar, thats a real big boys toy!!
The only real advantage to an ex mil Landy 9at least in the case of the old SIIIs) is they have a better chassis, and a droppable crossmember under the gearbox.

Ex crab examples are generally reckoned to be the best bet.
chickenpunk said:
I had a Discovery in Iraq: stomping vehicle with a V8 engine which did about ten miles to the gallon. I've been trying to persuade Mrs chickenpunk that we need a diesel version since I got back, to no effect so far.
I had one in Iraq as well, loads of fun on the road up to Baghdad. It was the V8 number, and i was never out of the POL point. Had a "Sport" button behind the automatic shift, which dropped a cog and the accellaration was brilliant. I've got a 4x4 ford now, which has a decent engine but i could never afford to own and run a disco.

Theres a really good landrover garage on the way from Corsham to Bath which has a really good stock. Everything from Rangerovers to Discoverys to Defenders - i think its called Dunsford Land Rovers. It doesnt have a website.

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