advice re fraudulent claim

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by ginger_baiter, Jan 7, 2010.

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  1. Hello,

    Am i right in assuming that you aren't allowed to claim GYH (M) for a property which you let out to a private tenant?

    And secondly, if someone were to be posted and claim a married quarter despite no longer being married for up to a year, simply by not telling work that they were the sole occupant, would that be considered bad juju?
  2. Do you have to ask?
  3. yes as i'm not serving and not 100% on the rules!

    Situation is that serving person splits up from partner, gets posted still claiming quarter all the time renting out privately owned house and claiming GYH (M)

    I'd like some clarification please and a recommended course of action
  4. :wink: Trying to stitch the ex up eh ?

  5. not an ex - let's just say a close family member has been spurned!
  6. I'm sure there is still an entitlement to some variation on GYH(M) as it is for ongoing maintenance and repairs and so on.
  7. To OP.

    Stay out of it, t1t.

    IIRC you can claim something for visiting a house, even if it is let, likewise you can still stay in a quarter whilst single... you can ask to move in to a quarter if you are single and have never been married.

    So, put your poison back in your box and go and do something useful, likeing dieing slowly and in pain.

    You gopping civvie.
  8. Nothing to do with poison froggy and everything to do with someone taking the p1ss whilst leaving 2 hungry little kids.

    If you don't know then take your own advice....
  9. I was going to mention that, but you hadn't indicated previously. I he has kids then he can retain the quarter, so that they can visit.

    Why don't you do something useful then (as per my previous advise) and get the ex-of to get some info from the CAB or from the unit welfare facilities.

    If the kids are hungry why is that? Are they his? Did he adopt, if not? Are CSA aware of the devorce? Is he paying anything for their upkeep?

    See there? Lots of USEFUL type stuff to be doingrather than slinking about to get someone in sh1t, when they may not even be doing anything wrong.
  10. Thank you.

    CSA are now on the case, it was being avoided in the hope that things would come to a stage where they could be sorted out without the need.

    Kids are his, they receive very little maintenance due to him claiming he can't afford the mortgage on said house. However, the house is rented out (although he won't admit this) he lives in a quarter, claims GYH and has now purchased a new house with new partner.

    All the free money in the kids' household is being tied up with the constant solicitors bills from him trying to bully her into signing the house over into his name, with nothing coming her way.

    CSA are unable to advise on specific military matters, hence i came to the experts
  11. By the way I'm not slinking about trying to get someone in the sh1t, the payslips were handed over fair and square by divorce lawyers.

    It just doesn't sit right that kids are eating smart price beans with holes in their wellies while some tool goes off buying houses left right and centre
  12. So why didn't you just ask for some help on this issue instead of slinking about throwing faecal matter?

    I don't usually like the CSA, but you did say that this has been going on for a year.... so get 'em in. Get him paying.
  13. I am asking!

    csa are now on the case as of this week.
  14. This is the internet, you may be who you say you are and all the details you have given may be true and accurate, alternatively you may not be. The person giving you advice might be extremely knowledgeable and well-equipped to give you accurate and up to date information, alternatively they could be someone who, for whatever reason, wants to misdirect you or thinks they know but don't know. Why don't you contact the families officer at this person's unit and ask these questions? They will not only know the answers but they will also know the circumstances of the soldier concerned and will know if what you say about him is fair and accurate.
    Are you seeking to punish someone or just seeking leverage to achieve your goals? Whatever they may be.
  15. Your original post was looking for a way to fcuk someone over and grass them up for being naughty (though admittedly you had no idea if they were being naughty or not).

    Your first post should have been what eventually became your 3 or 4th. Ie a description of what was going on and how you could help.

    As markintime says, you may not get good advise from this site, as the people who are answering you may not knowthemselves or even just like to bait you.

    CAB, CSA and the guys Unit Welfare should be able to help.