Advice re boots for Iraq


advice please, re the best boots for patrolling Southern Iraq (Not 95 issue unless available from Surplus)
Genuine advice only, please Ladies
Issue desert boots are fantastic (The Hi-Tec kind) Lasted me for 9 months and are about to set off into the Mountains of Afgan!
Flip-flops mate, the sand comes out no bother; also no need to polish them.
And your feet get a gucci suntan, a-la g-string
Wouldn't recommend the Hi Tech's as mentioned in the LAND Mounting Instruction, they are designed for "barrack wear only" and will ruin your feet. You need the boots issued to the infantry (and other teeth arms); Boots Combat Assault Desert (BCAD), they are superior in every way, tough, confortable and best of all a free issue. Failing that, the Desert Pro boot is good, although it will last just one six month tour.
depends what time of year and where you go .Found combination of issuse desert boot and pro boots did for me fine .
I have
Yank Marine boots- good but hot.
Yank lightweight desert boots- Excellent, very comfortable
Australian Army boots, (sandy colour) - Absolutely sh*te
British Army Issue desert boots - Fantastic, comfy and cool, plus don't seem to be too chilly at night.

Go Issue!!
I have the Altbergs, which were superb in Iraq. A major advantage is that they can be resoled. If you can, go to the factory at Richmond (the proper one, not the poofy southern version), and get them fitted.

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