Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Lewis07, Oct 7, 2011.

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  1. Hi all,
    Once again we get back to the Tax/Ban issues:?

    I was in BFG in 2005 and brought a tax free car when i was single. I got a posting out of BFG, not my choice, but got told i had to take a quick posting. On return to the UK i could no longer afford the car, and the fuel, (tight i know!) and i also had a house to pay for, so i sold the car within my 12months, i think is was around my 9 month point.

    I got a letter of customs while i was serving in the UK, about a year later saying i had to send the BFG plates back, which i never got told about. I told them i had sold the car, registered in the uk etc and i had the plates in my garage and would send them over.

    I also got a tax bill through, around 2k i think and could not believe i was getting this. I wrote a letter back saying that i did not ask to get posted back to the UK and i was close to missing payments on my house, my troop commander wrote this letter for me. After this letter was sent by myself i heard nothing back from customs and think i might be ok.

    When i got posted back to Germany, 5 years later (now) and went to register our family car they brought up the number plate issue from 5 years ago saying they never received them. I told them they got sent and might of got lost, then they made me pay 17 euros for the plates, which i did not mind paying as they got lost on route. They then said that car had been shut down now with bfg.

    I want to buy a BMW on the ballon deal but worried this is going to bite me in the ass and when i fill the paperwork out with my name and number they will sting me with the tax, but i have registered two cars here now, bfg'd with no problems.

    Is it worth taking the risk, or just leave it and stick to the old car i have????

    many thanks