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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Heppersmum, Sep 23, 2006.

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  1. :(


    I am looking for some advice pls.

    My son just got a deferral letter this morning. He had Asthma as a baby, last in hospital aged 2. Although he gets prescribed inhalers, he doesnt need them. The doctor put that in his medical.

    He is devastated now, in tears.

    He's been in the Army Cadets for over 2 yrs, Lc Cpl, Marksman as well as others...

    I know he can do it, I know he can pass the fitness test but how can I get him to that? Has it been known to allow them a chance to prove their ability after a deferral letter.

    I am so scared for him, he is such a good guy and his life was the Army. Oh yeah ppl will say he's on 16 and he will get another chance but how can you tell a guy who has just had te worst news ever to keep trying..

    He cant understand the decision. He cant accept the decision either, he gets annoyed because he WANTS this so bad.

    He's written a letter & posted it to the Medical Officer but I wont hold my breath.

    Any ideas?
  2. I wouldn't let him join until he was 18 anyway. make him go to school until then and he will stand a better chance of gaining a good, well paid trade.

    Get the Dr to stop prescribing the medication - if he doesn't need it!!!! Why get it???

    In 2 years time he will have no problems if he can prove that he hasn't used them!
  3. Thank you.

    I let him apply because he was gonna go to the ACF in Harrogate for a yr as a taster.

    I know he is capable of making the Army proud.

    Just gotta try keep his spirits up now & persevere.
  4. I agree....from the MOs point of view the doc wouldn't prescribe them if your son didn't need them...

    As you are aware life isn't always fair and it seem the case with your son. Let him know that he will be able to apply again and that he can use this time to train so that when he does get in he can stick it to to speak.

    I agree with the above post that he could also use the time to further his education. Some colleges run Military preperation courses.

    Finally, if it's any consolation, I too had Asthma as a child but went on to join the Infantry. That was because I hadn't shown symptons in many years and that I hadn't been prescribed inhalers for that time.

    Good luck.
  5. Yeah I understand about the doc. I am gonna go see him with my son on Monday. The problem we had was when we first moved to England from Scotland 8 yrs ago they put him in an Asthma Clinic because he had asthma in the past. Ever since then, he gets a check-up once every 6 months and the inhalers are automatically prescribed then.

    He passes the Peak flow test every visit.

    In the Army Cadets he does cross country & all other sports with no need for his inhalers.

    Been on 2 Annual camps without any problems.

    I think thats what is hurting him because he knows he can do it if he's given the chance.

    Maybe the year at ACF would have proven that.

    Anyway ty for the replies, gonna go treat him now.

  6. If he's still in Asthma clinic ask the nurse to give him a check and if he's ok ask her to sign him off stating that he's ok.

    All the best!!
  7. my son was in the same possition he is now 18 doctor put on the medical form that he had astma at 3 years old. he attended pirbright last week and passed the lung funtion test but was deferred because he only has one testicle and needs surgery but the waiting list is huge my son is also gutted
  8. ....not too funny that chris
  9. Does your son come on this site? Maybe exposure to the army and talking to people that are in will keep his morale up until he gets accepted in a few years.
  10. Get a specialists written report on his lung function and reaction to histamines. You'll need to pay for this (about £100 - £130 usually) but it allows you to contest the decision. They are available at some Hospitals and can be applied for through your GP.

    In an era where there just aren't enough folks to fill the gaps in our Forces, you may well get lucky.

    If not, then the report from the test will give him a HUGE case to put forward in two yrs time.

    In the mean time, buy him one of these.....

    Got my Mother one (overcoming a lung disease) and it's REALLY improved her intercostal respiritory musculature.
  11. Hiya, its been a few years and I thought I'd let you know an update.

    He reapplied about a month ago, it was totally different this time tho. Went to Oxford and come home with all the forms. With regards his passed asthma, we went to see his doc who said his last attack was when he was 4. The reason he was being prescribed inhalers is because he hadnt been checked up & cleared so the error was on both parts. He put on the form that he feels there is no longer any issue about my son having asthma even from when he was a toddler.

    My son has been in for an interview and barb tests etc and sailed through, not sure how it works but he got 68 on that.

    Today he is back in for a final interview infront of a Commander so I'm now sitting waiting anxiously.

    Not sure if he finds out today or how it works now.

    I really hope he gets this as he is getting targetted by a group of "ppl" who think its hilarious putting him in hospital. He wont attack them tho as he doesnt want a record due to wanting in the army. He knows tho if he doesnt get away from here he's gonne get hurt or even worse. I know what we would like to do but ya cant.

    Anyway hope everyone is well :D
  12. I know this is probably forgotten about but just wanted to let you know my son was accepted into the Army yesterday.

    He done excellent at Pirbright, he had to do the Lung capacity test and completed it fine.

    He's just waiting on his date to go do his Oath now then info on when he will go for basic training.

    Thanks to all those who replied previously. He'll prob join here now anyway to get more info before he goes in.