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Advice Please

To All,

When I go back to school I have been selected to write an Article for my schools newspaper on what it is like to be in British Armed Forces in the 21st Century.

I am pretty keyed into all the military langauge etc as my step brother was 82nd Airborne Infantry in the US. But I never got to know what it is really like, as he died in 2004.

I just dont know how to put the message accross. I realise how bad it is, but I cannot put pen to paper as it were, Im just lost for words. I have tried talking to my CCF leader at my school but he is rather un-helpful. He is a rather cold man, was a Captain in the 22nd SAS I think.

Anyway, I would really appreciate any input from servicemen/women past and present to inspire me into writing an article that would show the true bravery of our service personel. From the battlefield in the middle-east to the battles being fought at home by soldiers families.

Thanks for your time,

"I realise how bad it is, but I cannot put pen to paper as it were, Im just lost for words."

You're looking at this from the wrong perspective.

Rather than focus on the bad bits, consider the good bits which, realistically, account for the vast majority of a soldier's time. For the good bits, just read through a hundred or so of the threads on here - avoiding any thread that contains the terms "JPA" or "PAYD."

Life is always better in hindsight and there's more opportunity for hindsight in the Army than in most other professions.

For bravery, look to the families. They put up with a lot. They probably keep emotions very pent up (whether the soldier is deployed or not), but get very little recognition. The soldiers have signed up to a contract, but the families haven't.
Wah-meter flickering here.

If "No Wah" - follow puttee's advice. Also consider speaking to the RBL and Combat Stress for their perspectives on 21st Century mil bravery.
So you return back to school shortly?

You have had six weeks off and now only decide to ask for advice.

Typical kid eh!
In all honesty, I cant for the life of me think why, with the curriculum currently set the way it is, there would be any need whatsoever to construct an article regarding life in the British Armed Forces.
It confuses me greatly.

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