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Ladies and Gents,

Some advice please. Just discovered that one of the Juniors in the office is off on a 5 day holiday with one of the female clerks from upstairs. When quizzed if he intended to 'nail' the aforementioned female, using the excuse of a drunken fumble/holiday romance/ 'I ain't paying for it' type scenario, the 'offending' Junior stated that he wasn't go to and had no intention of!!

Does anyone know of any AGAI/disciplinary action that I can take against him if he fails to return from the holiday without either photographic proof or reliable (and checkable) tales that she was 'introduced' to the radiator diet over the intended 5 days?


"Failure to comply with Office Standing Orders" In that he did at _____ on _____ fail to take photos on his mobile of any act of gross indecency or naked undercover a sleep clothes riding up pictures.

" Conduct unbecoming of a member of HM Forces" In that he did at _______ on fail to nail with due and total disregard for consequence an office bike.

"Conduct to the prejudice of good orders and military discipline" In that at _______ on _____ you did have to beat him for being a dickhead causing disorder in the office.

just a few but i'm sure more charges i have missed.


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Stop him going with some particularly nasty orders, then take his place on the flight and do it for him.
theres always a place for him on the bus to Brize and then Crabair to Falkland Islands. Then YOU take his place on the Holiday, and post the pics when you get back.
I feel with the changing times that punishment is no longer the answer!
You must educate, be a mentor, guide the young lads c0ck, gently at first.. . . . Then a bit quicker . . . . . and quicker, that's the one, now take it out and slap it round her face whilst she thumbs your arrsehole then . . . . .sorry, got carried away again. :blush:
How refreshing in this day and age. Just when we think that all the youth of this country are selfish and self centred, a young man proves that respect for another person does still exist.

Well done Fingers11 for standing up for army traditions and exposing this worthless creature. If he returns from holiday without the smell of said clerks f@nny on his c0ck, have him taken to the ranges and blown in situ as a blind.
Simple, if he doesn't, then you should do it instead. It'll be punishment enough if she's enough of a looker.

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