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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by choff, Jul 1, 2008.

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  1. Much as I hate to spout abut my own medical issues on here but I am meeting with a rather large wall of grotesque ineffectiveness when trying to chase up an issue of mine.

    Approx 10 months ago I had a biopsy done of a seriously dodgy mole in KAF Med centre. this was done as there is a history of skin cancer and several family members have been diagnosed with it over the last 5 years.

    I was told that I would get the results back in 6 weeks (at the very outside), needless to say I havent. I chased it whilst in Th and have enquired a number of times at teh Med Centre since my return to the UK.

    On every occasion I have been told by both RAMC and Locum (sp) Doctors that they will find out the details for me, on every occasion they have fallen short of the mark.

    10 months down the line I am still none the wiser and am getting more than a little fricking annoyed about it.

    Could anyone here suggest a way of dealing with this?

  2. Well thanks for the collective pearls of wisdom chaps........

    Very helpful I must say......
  3. Who was the doctor who removed it? Have you asked your Med Centre if your docs have returned from theatre? There should be some notes on your going sick with your concerns, MOs notes and the fact that it was removed and sent for histology etc. in there.

    If the notes are in your docs then it should be easy to see which lab they were sent to and then the your MO should be able to ring them direct there and then to find the results.

    Unless of course it was thrown away by mistake in the med centre by a careless medic.
  4. Choff,

    Firstly, some of us (not me clearly) have bigger issues to fry than sorting out your personal admin so if fellow arrsers haven't been able to address your concerns within your timeframe then live with it.

    Now, your impatience aside...

    It would seem, worst case scenario, that your results have been lost. Now, you can either bleat on, expecting someone else to do something about it or you can get off your backside and go and do something yourself. I would suggest you appraoch someone in authority who is not a locum and set in motion an investigation in to your case. As you say, you've been back and forth with little action; this would be a good place to start to see what happened once you left the Med Centre. If your case notes were simply put away with no further action then it's clearly time to start making some noises. Write to everyone in the Med world if you have to; you do, after all, have a history of skin cancer in your family.

    10 months is far too long to have let this run and the majority of that wasted time is down to your not shouting and screaming for a result.

    It's quite telling that you gave your fellow arrsers less than 24 hours to reply but have sat on your hands for 10 months wondering if you have cancer or not.

    Personally, for what it's worth, I hope you get the results soon and that all is clear.

  5. Ok, if you only had a biopsy taken, then you could re-pressent at your UK med centre & either have it totally removed or another biopsy taken. This way there would be records kept in your fmed 4 instead of your fmed 965 which is a very imited operational document.

    Also, KAF is an American facility & therefore there is a good chance the results are at an American lab. Once a solider has left theatre it is very difficult to chase up results.

    Hope this has helped. Now stop throwing your teddie because you haven't had a suitable reply.


    (using tech x 3 login)
  6. what else of techx3s have you had you hands on????
  7. this is me!

    If indeed the mole was dodgy 10 months ago you probably only have 2 weeks to live anyway, don't wase your remaining precious time bleating on here.

    If it was not dodgy, stop bleating on here.
  8. Jealous? & there was me thinking I'd offended you in some way.

    Well you do have to keep the Boss happy & there's fcuk all else to do out here.
  9. Lets get a couple of things straight.

    Firstly it is not down to my lack of personal admin MWA and it is not down to me sitting on my arse and doing nothing. I said I didnt want to go into a horrendous amount of detail and i stand by that, but your assumption couldnt be further from the truth.

    Gado, I apologise..... unquestionably if I wasted any of your time, I am sure you have lots of important things to be dealing with. Suffice to say if you had given me a slight steer from within your sphere of influence in the first place you would have wasted less of your time by spouting about 'bleating' and my '2 weeks left to live'. Tw@t!

    Incidentally, I do notice that apparently "everyone is too busy to even give me a number or POC" withing 24hrs (desite 70+ views) yet as soon as I make passing comment on it, within 4 hours..... everyone has oodles of time to gob off.

    Filbert Fox, thanks for the only sensible comeback and thanks to the RAMC person who PM'd me to do some investigation.
  10. Ok, slightly offended as I feel that this:

    Was pretty good advice. Never did I mention 'bleating' as this:

    reffered to you're second post.

    However the post about you're limited life expectancy was tech x 3 himself, which is why i didn't sign the bottom & he accepts that he is in fact a tw@t.

    Apology please?
  11. hey Gado, how many times has someone said that about me?

    I like this bloke.
  12. :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

    lol, so very true. Obviously a complete idiot then. Either that or you're mellowing in your old age xx

    Thank you, that really did make me laugh very much.
  13. not really mellowing but if it is true that he has only 2 weeks left to live.....
  14. Oi!!
  15. she had originally put:

    but I changed it for you mate.