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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by smartcookie, Jun 4, 2008.

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  1. I am a teacher at a fairly rough secondary school. There is a lad there who is nearly 16 and the proverbial pain in the backside. He is in trouble alot of the time, is confrontational, can be abusive, argumentative and generally on a slippery slope downwards. That said on a one to one basis he has a nice side to him. To cut a long story short he has very low self esteem and thinks he is 'thick' and cannot do anything. He thinks his life will never get better (he has a very challenging home life) he has said a couple of times that he would like to join the army but has said today that he has given upon that idea as 'they wont take someone like me'!! He really believes that he has nothing to offer because he finds alot of subjects difficult and is always in trouble. I think alot of his behavioural issues are to do with his own personal struggles.
    Could someone tell me if he would be considered despite his difficult background, poor behaviour and academic difficulties? I really want to come back and give him some positive advice straight from the horses mouth so to say. What options would be available to him if he was able to be considered?
    Any advice gratefully received
  2. The Army likes to give second chances, get him to the Careers office and have a discussion with a recruiter.
  3. There are jobs to suit all kinds in the forces, the only thing that could maybe go against him, is a criminal record.
    That said, I imagine unless he had been in serious trouble, he could change his life and make something of himself without too much difficulty.

    Get him to go along to the local army careers office and have a chat with them, it can only show him he isnt a waste, if he is seriously thinking of getting out of his rutt, so to speak.

    Im sure the sappers still take those, not so high on the education front.

    And that isnt a dig by the way.
  4. Tell him to use the career profiling tool on the army jobs website.

    Gren, I'm not sure about that mate, I may be wrong but x number of A-C grades rings a bell. He's gotta crack the BARB test too. Pioneers however may be a bit more lenient.
  5. Pioneers, thats what i meant, ive been out a while:)
  6. What area are you in????
  7. Am in Cambridgeshire. And no he doesn't have a criminal record...yet!!!
  8. Phew! :)
  9. Maths English and Science at grade C or above
  10. Get yourself down to the... I mean, get your mate down to the career office.
  11. anyone else worried by the relationship the teacher has with his/her pupil?

    when i was in school they didnt give a shit about us? no way would they go on a forum out of hours and help us get a career..

    anyway get him to careers office, i got no qualifications, i look like bradley from eastenders without the ginger hair plus i have a small penis.

    they didnt turn me away
  12. Many thanks for the responses/advice.
    And times have changed...some of us do actually give a s**t nowadays!!
  13. you might wanna ring them cnuts at NUT as well and explain your situation so then maybe they might remember that doing this is in our heads just needs the acorn watering!!

    Ask your careers office to send someone down, they do it at our local school; all those interested watch a presentation at break and ask all the Q's they want!! I'm sure unless your recruiters real busy 'cough' then he'll pop along...there may be even more!!

    and on the giving a shite my english teacher had sex with a 6th former so i'd say she had a very valid interest and she looked like shrek!
  14. nowadays? i was only in school about 3 years ago!
  15. NUT have nowt better to do then go to conferences and talk bollocks and organise utterly pointless strikes!! Sex with a 6th former?? Who looked like Shrek?? So there is hope for me yet then!!

    Ok..schools may have not changed that much in the 3 years since you've been in! Guess I was trying to suggest that there are teachers who do the job to pay bills (eg. they are crap, want 13 weeks off a year and hate the kids) or there are those who do it for the 'joy of been told to f*** off you cnut' on a daily basis (they like the job!) Could be a third category but cant think of one yet.