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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by DublinDes, Mar 22, 2008.

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  1. I'll have to keep this fairly vague as i don't know who might read it. I'm seeking some level headed advice;

    The scenario is this; i'm a Police officer on a small non uniform team.

    Recently whilst on an operation a colleague was badly injured in an RTC. We went to his aid and carried out basic first aid (Airway etc) until the arrival of professional medical assistance.

    Doctors stated that our actions where responsible for saving his life.

    It is rumoured that those of us present are to receive a commendation for our actions.

    Two people in the team did not take any part in the incident, one of the two was "Too upset" to attend the scene and sat about half a mile away out of view. The other person remained with them to ensure they were ok. The upset person was obviously very distressed by the incident, they had apparently lost a friend in similar circumstances some years previously.

    There are now angry comments being made within the team as to whether or not these two people should receive the commendation. The management says yes, others are saying that they will decline the award if these two people are included.

    I should add that the upset person is not popular with several people on the team and has been accused of attention seeking and , not acting professionally. I personally feel as a copper that we are expected to "Get on with it" and that this person has no excuse for not rushing to an injured colleagues aid. We cry our tears later, and we did.

    To me the Commendation is nice, but in no way replaces the thank you we received from our colleagues family. I'm coming under pressure to declare my feelings to others in the team and to state whether i'll join those who wish to decline the award. A commendation is a rare thing and an honour, declining it might cast us in a bad light with the managment.

    Any advice?

    Our colleague will live but is not expected to return to active duty.
  2. Simple. Morals or glory?

    Your shout. I'd like to think I'd know what to decide.
  3. I'm hearing you, but its likely to have an explosive result on the team and really cause a drama. Those of us involved have to work together closely and for long hours. I hoped that the persons involved would be decent enough to solve the problem by standing up and saying "No thankyou, we didn't do anything" but i don't think they have the necessary qualities.
  4. Maybe you and the others are the ones to show the 'necessary qualities'?
  5. Would you have done the same thing for a civvie?

    If the answer is yes, accept it, you and the others know what happened.

    Fcuk the spineless twats, the truth will come out eventually.
  6. Regards the Civvie question, absolutely, I would and have. I'm a bit old fashioned and i still believe that the old oath sworn by a Constable "Protect life" is what should guide us.
  7. I thought so, so accept it.

    The powers that be will always use a sweeping brush, so as to not leave anyone out.

    And it is good PR for your station, if you decline, they will get a massive sad on (probably).
  8. It looks very like your management isn't managing. Tell the whole truth to them, include your reservations about the future of your "team" following this decision. Copy your observations to a small but carefully selected distribution list. Don't exaggerate, embellish or diminish.
  9. Man up and rub some dirt in it.

    Hope that helps. 8)
  10. I know of a couple of former soldiers who were involved in an RTA in Germany in the early 90's. They saved the life of a German woman and her daughter. Didn't get any commendation but they said that the personal thanks they got from the family meant more to them than anything else.
  11. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    The man has asked a genuine question and is looking for genuine replies. If you can't offer a decent response, don't bother.

    Hope THAT helps.
  12. It is rumoured that those of us present are to receive a commendation for our actions

    Those present, the upset one was not present, nor rendered the life saving treatment, so NO they should not be included!

    Then perhaps the next time they will have the spine to do the job, OR perhaps the job is not for them!
  13. Thankyou Gents.
  14. standard SMT dont want to upset/exclude anyone.

    Take the award, tell everyone at every opportunity what happened.

    Get the injured guy to tell management what really happened.
  15. Is this one award to the whole unit or individual awards to each of you? If it is an award to each individual then surely each person involved will need a citation of some sort. If that is correct then unless your bosses are going to lie on the citations there won't be a problem.