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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Mark64uk, Feb 9, 2008.

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  1. Hello everyone,

    Ive just come to ask a quick questions i would like some advice for.

    A little back history over 14 months ago i went to see the doctor about problems i had been having in my sleep where just as i am falling asleep i cant move ( sounds daft i know ). I was referred to see a specialist at the hospital and he told me what i was describing was more than likely Sleep Paralysis which was being caused by stress. As a precaution i have been having EEG test's for epilepsy which last week came back as all clear no signs.

    Anyway last week i took a trip to the local careers office and was having a chat with someone there, explaining i would like to apply to be a VM as i already have a light vehicle qualification and would like to use it, I also explained about the tests i had to see if that would effect me medically during the application. He was unsure but someone did come out of there office and gave me his insight on the matter which was basically they army wont let me join because of my previous medial history, i tried to explain that these when they did happen ( over a year since it last happened) were in my sleep and had no effect on me what so ever, but i was told irrelevant if it happens in my sleep they happen so i cannot join. He wished me luck on my future career choice and i left the office.

    So do i just take what they said and leave it there ? Personally this has no effect on my day to day life what so ever and i was 50/50 weather i should go to the doctors in fear of something showing on my medical records but i had to make sure it wasn't anything serious.

    Any suggestion you could give on how you think i co go forward would be great.


  2. sounds bit daft for me to say but what has your doctor said have you consulted him about joining the army and the if any effects may occur one of the first things you will have to do is send med forms to you GP so he will no what sort of thing may or may not stop you joining
  3. read my pm mate. hopefully help you or just a bit of support mate
  4. Trust me on this...Do not take the words of those in the recruiting office as gospel.

    Best thing is to proceed with your application and let the army itself decide - ie you will need to send your medical records over to be vetted anyway.

    But, before you do so, find out (preferably not solely from the staff at the AFCO) what effect having an application refused on medical grounds will have on future applications. Then find out if the stigma of the condition will go away with time and if so, how long etc.

    Perhaps speak to your doctor and find out what exactly is in your records? Not sure if that is feasible though but best to cover all angles!
  5. What i was told the first time i went to the hospital was that he doesn't think it is serious and that i would "Grow" out of it im only 20 and he said it could be my age and the stress i was under.

    I'm going to book an appointment at the GP and find out what can be done if they cant help ill contact the hospital consultant

    I was thinking of not telling the careers office and let the army doctors decide ad if i does have an effect on future app then so be it ill have to try a different career route.

    First thing Monday morning im calling my GP and getting this ball rolling.