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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by alcharlton, Nov 20, 2007.

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  1. Hi,

    I'm wanting to join the army in the infantry, i am colourblind red/green. would there be any problems with me joining?

    the funny thing is, the job i have now (printer) is all about colour yet i have not had 1 problem with this.

  2. You should be ok in the infantry, but you would probably not get in if you were going for a trade in a Corps.

    Your recruiting staff should be able to advise you of your options!

  3. My mate was a mechanic in gods Corps & he was red green colourblind too. It only meant that he couldn't be a sparky, and he passed his electrics phase on our class 1 with flying colours (no pun intended)

    But as T_M says the recruiting staff should be able to point you in the right direction. But if The_Iron is lurking about he is generally good with these kind of recruiting queries.
  4. I concur, the Iron is a font of knowledge, dip thy chalice and be quenched!
  5. I'd like to start seeing colourblind bods in bomb disposal work.
  6. Why is that then? If in doubt just cut the red one........DOHH!
  7. Just think about the youtube potential for sending colourblind ATOs off down the road with nothing but a pair of clippers and the Yakety Sax playing behind them.
  8. ah i can imagine it now.

    colorblind's mate has to stand behind him (well behind probably) continually saying 'Cut the red one'. i wonder how long the BDO would last before screaming 'THEY'RE ALL FCUKING GREY' and attacking said bomb with a hail of punches, out of sheer frustration.
  9. Thank you for your kind words gentleman but until Ive cleared my name of being accused a rascist Im concentrating on my defence.

    Ok ill quickly help, Ive known people who are colour blind get into the infantry. There are certain jobs in the Army you cant get in and will show up when you have your medical at ADSC. When you put your medical and optician forms into your recruiter ask the optician to put your colour perceptions on the form (he should do anyway). Hopefully when you are medical suitable an go back in for your job briefs (selecting your 3 job preferences) ask the recruiter if he can ask the med sister at ADSC to confirm you can do your chosen jobs with your specific colour perception. This will tell you in advance before you go to selection instead of waiting till your pulheems are completed on your medical at ADSC.

    Hope this helps, off to read up on my defence now.
  10. Who have you upset now, oh disgruntled artisan ye?
  11. Just the knobrot that is TAZ......... :evil:
  12. im notnot fully colour blind but is truggle on red/greens and i got in rlc and rad op so infantry should be ok
  13. Send Key setting over.
  14. You need to stop fretting, get down the ACIO and sign on, you are fine, providing you have no other vision problems you are in. 95% of trades will take you.

    This time next year you could be in Kabul