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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by sim20, Nov 19, 2007.

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  1. Sorry if this is in wrong section not sure were to put it.

    Ok here goes. Today i got lots of phone calls from my girlfriends ex. He's a Muslim and i was pretty sure but no proof he was an extremist. So today i got aload of abusive phone calls because he heard i had got into the army. threating to kill me as I'm might go over to Iraq or afghan killing his Muslim brothers. now if thats not extremist behavior then i don't no what is. So my question is should i go round to his and knock lumps out of him OR goto the police? I don't want to go off to basic with him turning up and my house threatening my Girlfriend.

  2. Going to the police would be sensible, knocking lumps out of him would most likely cause issues with you joining the army at the moment.
  3. I'd goto the police man, as tempting as it probably is to knock seven shades of shit out of him would just appear your the one in the wrong.

  4. Try and get the knob on tape, then go to the old bill.

    That should quieten the fcuker down.
  5. Might be worth telling your recruitment office, a call from them to Police reporting you've been threatened might have more influence - no experience here though so what do others think?
  6. Police Job defo....As much as you would probably like to knock him for 10 its sounds as if this would make him very mad my friend.Plus no point you getting in trouble with old bill is there.?
  7. Influence on what? :?
  8. A few good ideas here, firstly I would get it down on tape if he phones again then give it to your Recruiter who will pass it onto police or even mil int. Dont do anything to antagonise him as you would be the one who has more to lose.
  9. Lots of influence as the police and Recruiting offices work together very well, the ACIO i worked at had lots of liason with the local police and anti-terrorism officers.
  10. Influence on if the Police just file it or actually do something proactive - if the call comes from the Army they may be more inclined to look at it in more depth.
  11. Ah rite.
  12. Cheers lads. Will get onto my recruiter today.