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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by X_Factor, Oct 12, 2007.

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  1. I've just completed 12yrs service and am currently employed as a SSgt (Supvr R) within the Royal Corps of Signals. Obviously I've had a decent run at things but with the roster being extremely competitive and bloody hard work, I'm thinking of 'jumping ship'. I fancy something a little less taxing and if I am honest, a bit more of a sedentary existence as a SNCO. Crucially though, I still fancy a role which will give me the best chance of promotion all the way through. I've looked at the AGC but I reckon the Int Corps is the way to go - Have any of you guys any advice?

  2. Are you male or female?
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  4. Suggest that if you are a bloke then grow some balls and compete. If you are female then start sucking dick - you will do alright in either the Sigs or AGC then.
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  6. You cannot be employed as a Spare Cock/Radio Supervisor, because neither trade actually has a job. The Radio Supervisor trade is not competitive, it is run by the Mafia; if you are one of them you will get ahead, if you are not you probably wouldn't even get to SSgt.

    Big fat windup, methinks. :wink:
  7. Awww C'mon Fraser, everytime I go away I end up managing loads of you guys and I actually quite enjoy it, I'm just thinking now of whether or not to make the jump across. I have a few half decent qualifications and keep myself fairly fit - I like the thought that I'd probably be able to stand out quite well without having to push myself right over the edge.

  8. You lot couldn't manage a wet fart. Waaaaah-a-rama this one. Come out CR, you've already signalled your intention to liven things up on another thread. Past experience led me to believe that you'd be a bit more inventive.

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  11. Leave the army and find an admin post in local government. You will be very happy and surrounded by people very much like yourself.
  12. Wrong! As a Spvr R, You should transfer over immediately, fill a "gash" slot in JSyCC, gets lots of security training at HMG expense, for the last 10% of your service. With that CV simply transition to civilian life on twice your current salary.

    After all computer defence and exploitation is not real MI work is it?

    There's my taxi, just pass my Windstopper TM fleece over will you?

    (RCMOs: who needs 'em??)
  13. not me mate - i thought it was you!
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