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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by lockedandloaded, Aug 29, 2007.

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  1. Well... im going to Catterick in 2 weeks, and can only do 8-9 press ups, i can run etc. all fine but press ups are my weak area i really struggle, am i completeley screwed?

    Any help would be really usefull thanks :)
  2. Have you tried holding your self in the "up" position for as long as you can?

    Work on the rest of your upper body, awith everything else, the more you do, regulary, the better. ?
  3. repeat pressups, every hour, on the hour, where possible, 5 at a time, you will start to improve. Then when you're finding them easy up the reps to 6, 7 etc.

    Also try to do them slowly, and controlled, this will help your muscles dramatically, you little whimp ;)
  4. I was advised to develop my technique by doing pressups with my feet on a Swiss Ball (aka Gym Ball). I promptly went out and bought one.

    Really must get round to inflating it.....

  5. Wicked, the help is greatly appricated, just having visions of 'drop and give me 10' and can only do 8 or so!
  6. Lol that must be scary. I used to be a pussy too ;) To put it blunty :O

    But 3 years of PT (albeit CADET PT) and a bit of work got me doing 30 or so :)

    P.S. I good little excercise is finger movement. Start flicking all those fingers out and tensing them in and you can feel it working those arms/ shoulders! Same with wriggling your fingers! Seriously i'm not piss taking lol cause I bet you're a whole lot fitter than me, it's part of my slacking and disorganised routine.
  7. Don't worry, a swift kick to your testicles applied with encouragement in mind by Sgt Obidiah Hakeswill of the ITC will give you a surge of strength Hercules himself would be proud of.

    8-9 press ups indeed!
  8. If you're told to do 20 press-ups, lie on your back and press up (into the air). If your instructor has a problem with this, ask him which way he considers "up" to be.

    You'll make lots of friends.
  9. Its not even that I'm unfit because I can run for ages and do loads of heaves, its just bloody press ups!
  10. Tea + Laptop = Repair bill.
  11. Drop and give me ten press ups will never happen lol, try drop n give me 40 lol.
  12. Do 3 Sets of your maximum every other day (Quality is better than Quantity)
  13. Woah your nails. I wouldn't fcuk with you or you'd bench me into next year. So what your saying is you can't pass a BPFA/BFT/PFT/BFA WHATEVER the fcuk you want to call it - However your giving advice on phys.
  14. Wow, you improved by 10 pressups each year for 3 years, next year you will be doing 40 :lol: :p ;)
  15. How would they take it? would I have to do something else?