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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by shiny, May 9, 2007.

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  1. I have a 2nd interview for a job tomorrow (yippee). I have also been told I am deploying and will be mobilised at the end of September. My question is should I mention this at the interview (with a 99.9% chance of not getting the job) or stay schtum maybe get the job and act all surprised when I get a mobilisation letter in September. The firm I am looking to join are pro TA.

    Am I being too honest and should I look after number one.

    Also the job is a fixed 12 month contract then monthly out to 18 months, where do I stand as a contract employee with them having to keep my job for me.

    Any advice greatly received. Expecting incoming too :D
  2. You *should* fess up - you are in a world of hurt if you are caught having actively misled your new employer. It may not matter in terms of getting deployed in the first place but you may struggle with employment upon your return.

    I don't just mean from your original employer but also from anyone else, as I expect you may well struggle with employer references.

    One of the employment lawyer types on here can advise definitively - the likes of Dr Evil and One Of The Strange will have interesting viewpoints - but I would have thought that not telling your employer of your situation at the time of starting work would leave you open to a case of gross misconduct being made against you.

    Also, if they are TA-friendly they may be TA-savvy and hence know that 'compulsory' isn't 'compulsory' any more.

    I'm not trying to put you off deploying: however the implications of doing so need to be thought through.
  3. Presumably your mobilisation is actually a "voluntary" compulsory mobilisation so your employer would need to agree anyway.

    I would suggest you don't mention it at your interview (unless you already have the brown envelope), but inform your unit as soon as possible of your changed circumstances, if and when, you get the job in order that they can "intelligently mobilise" someone else. Any employer looking to fill a fixed term post is exceptionally unlikely to want to employ someone who isn't actually going to be there.

    Any attempt to hoodwink either the Army or your employer will undoubtedly rebound on you.
  4. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Absolutely spot-on. If you need further advice, a sensible place to ask for sensible advice would be SaBRE - this is just the sort of thing that they are paid for.
  5. Many thanks guys. I have done the honourable thing and spoken to the employment agency who found the job, they will get back to me. There will be other jobs and to be honest I would rather go on tour.
  6. Shiny - good for you mate - hope it all works out
  7. Done the decent thing, was told not to bother attending the interview tomorrow................. So, anyone know of any decent temp work for 5 months until I go in West Yorkshire.
  8. What sort of work?
  9. As long as it pays a reasonable amount - surprise me. Can turn my hand to most things, have worked in IT, administration, office management, driving. Just looking to kill 5 months.
  10. Just checked at my place and we only have permanent jobs.

    If your looking in IT in West Yorks, I'd try targeting Medical IT firms (and read up on NPfIT) - I'll ask around in my sqn we have a large number of people in this sector.
  11. Nice one, cheers. Theres a large drink for you at the bar.
  12. Thanks :D It worked for one guy in my Sqn, he had a job in Leeds the next Tuesday
  13. Well after finding out who your interview was with, can I thank you for doing the decent thing and not pissing my employer off (and changing their opinion of the reserves) :D :D
  14. No probs, we aim to please. Was a decent job too. Ah well there will be others.
  15. Good to hear that having TA on your CV can help you get and interview!