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Discussion in 'RAC' started by cozzy20, Apr 24, 2007.

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  1. Hey,this is my first post on here so hope is ok

    am currently awaitng my 2nd interview,i have put the RAC as my 1st choice(naturally) and am wondering as I am from the midlands I am able to join the 1RTR aren't i?

    its just that my recruiter is trying to push me into the QRL as that is like nottingham's cavlary reg.

    but I had a look at as much info as I can and really fancy the MBT regiments as comapres to the formation recce reg's.

    when do you decide what regiment you join?

    cheers in advance
  2. Well join who you want too, it doesnt matter were you are in the country, if you want 1RTR go for it, stick to your guns.
  3. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    1. Welcome to ARRSE.
    2. Have a browse through the threads in here tonight and you'll find that this question comes up over and over.
    3. Recruiters' it would appear, have an agenda. It will rarely, if ever, match yours.

    It is quite normal that he'll push you where he wants, but you are entirely within your rights to push for what you want.

    Comparing Recce with MBT is as contentious as any other subject on the RAC forum. Those who have fulfilled their desire to spend their whole career on MBT (and I suspect deep down it is every crewman's desire, knowing no better) will tell you that MBT is the way to go.

    Equally, those who go down the Recce route will tell you that Recce is less constrained and much more fun (but remember, MBT regiments have Recce troops) and definitely the only way to go. I get the impression that those who have done both, will tend to favour Recce, but I am sure they'll put me right on that if I am wrong.

    As to when did I choose my regiment? I walked into the ACIO, there was a poster for my local regiment (15/19H, now LD) which suggested MBT, and the local 15/19H recruiter happened also to be there. I signed up on the spot. It was only when I was training that I discovered 15/19H had just ceased to be MBT and when I got there, they'd be starting to convert to Recce. You won't have that problem since, as I understand it, they don't rerole regiments any more.

    I too wanted to go MBT, but I was pleasantly surprised by Recce and wouldn't have changed a thing. Okay, not much. I don't know when or whether you might make up or change your mind these days: it's 30 years on.
  4. If you want MBT and RTR, go for 2RTR as 1RTR only have one MBT squadron IIRC.

    Good luck with it.
  5. QRL do have a very sexy capbadge though! :D
  6. It's not a capbadge, it's a motto!
  7. :D I was wondering when I'd be corrected! :D
  8. ye was just worried because dont want to get automatically put in that reg when I dont want to,lol

    another thing I didnt realise before was how many RAC reg's are actually based in germany now!

    whats germany like to be posted in?
  9. Used to be a bit shite
  10. I have been a civvie for quite a few years now but let me stand up for your original choice 1 RTR ( who were my regt). All new recruits initially serve in Warmister on CR2. The CBRN role (NBC) may not be initially welcomed by tank crewmen but the fact is that 1 RTR is the best retained Regt in the RAC ( i.e fewer people decide to leave than in any other RAC Regt) That alone should give you some guidance.

    People who have had some variety in their service tend to have a more open outlook. Those who served only on heavy armour in their army service do have a simple and narrow minded view of the RAC and should be ignored. In 1 RTR you have the option of attending both Para & Commando courses due to the CBRN role. The CBRN role offers countless oversea opportunities plus the option of tours with 2 RTR on heavy armour are available so you can have the best of all worlds.

    When I talk of variety I think of the time I was with 1 RTR in the recce role. Assault troop, Surveillance Troop, GW Troop, all non tankie roles but beloved by those that served in them. Heavy armour is mundane & boring but after 19 years in Fallingbostal or Hohne acceptance of heavy armour is to be expected. 1 RTR offers a soldier more options, more variety, more scope than any regt in the RAC. 1 RTR is the Regt for any forward thinking and modern soldier . The rest of the RAC is for " the rest"
  11. Supporting aghart’s post and being ex 2RTR.

    With 1RTR being CBRN and the possibility to go between (quite freely it seems) the First and the Second for job change – life in black has got rather more interesting as of late.

    It is my understanding that the First operate CR2 and CVR(T) alongside vehicles such as Fuchs for the CBRN side. I am interested to know more about this Para and Commando training. I assume the relevant badge(s) are awarded only and people are not walking around in black coveralls and Maroon or Green berets!

    The Second also operate CR2 and CVR(T). They also have a newly formed Medium Armour Squadron that should have all the CVR(T) anyone should require… Not forgetting that the Second have also recently converted and deployed with Warrior and Mastiff.

    Good times indeed to be a MIB….
  13. Would be interesting to know it they do go Maroon or Green when attached.
  14. Damn fine speech, encore.........