Advice please.


A young man attending the Recruit Selection Centre at Pirbright in the next few weeks asked me for some advice.

The only things I could come up with in a few minutes were:

1 Engage brain.

2 Open eyes and ears.

3 Button gob unless you are asked a specific question by the staff.

What have I missed? Besides the usual, don't do it son!
Apply yourself to every task asked of you.

Give 110%.

Their is always somebody worse off than yourself.

and the obvious,

keep low, move fast, trust no one.


Does it make any difference because he will learn one way or another as we all did. No harm in giving advice but most if not all of the others are in the same boat.

Maybe things have changed a lot since I was in?


Tell the lad to just be himself and don't be nervous. We don't want actors, we want genuine people.


Hi oldbloke.

I think kids are a lot more gobby these days, they really don't know right from wrong and the staff have to treat them with kid gloves. No swift slaps or a kick in the arse to wake them up, probably a good thing as some JNCO's did take it a bit too far in the 'good old days'!

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