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I am 18 and currently studying a BTEC national diploma in music production - at 16 i decided to take this course but in the first year i knew it was not really for me. However, at the same time, I began looking at a career in the army. I had been considering this on and off for about 5 or 6 years, but only seriously from last year. The more look at it though the more i know that a career in the army is for me. So i basically have 2 options - my course finishes in may (im going to finish that as its only a few months until it ends and after spending over a year on it i may as well get the qualification) so finish that and go straight in as a private, or go back and do A levels and apply as an officer (whilst training for those 2 years). However, my preference is probably to join as a private. I know for sure I want to join the infantry. The course I am on at the moment requires me to work with a lot of different technology. Any suggestions on what career to look for in the infantry? Also, I am on the border of Lancashire and Yorkshire. In your opinion, which would be a better regiment to apply to join, Queen's Lancashire regiment or Yorkshire regiment? (Bear in mind that I have little connection to Lancashire and spend 90% of my time in Yorkshire). Sorry for the long post but Im really struggling to choose which route to go down here. Any information would be great!


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Any suggestions on what career to look for in the infantry?

The infantry IS a career. You either become an infantryman or you do something else (and in the army you can do pretty well anything you could do as a civilian trade wise). If you do become an infantryman you may be lucky enough, once you have finished your basic training and had a good long while serving, to get to do some good courses. But your "trade" will always be infantryman.

If you are interested in music you might look into joining as a musician.

In any event look at the Army website and go to your local recruiting office for advice...just don't believe all they tell you.


Welbeck is not an option for a lad of 18: directly from their website - "To apply to Welbeck and subsequently the Armed Services you should be a medically fit UK, Commonwealth or Irish citizen aged between 15 years and 17 years 6 months on 1st September in the year of entry to the college".

My advice would be to get your A levels out of the way. At the same time perhaps join the TA.


Judging from the tone of your post, I think that were you to do A-Levels you would probably jack it after a while as you sound like your pretty eager to join up. Education is very important but can you focus on it and spend another two years applying yourself to that?? If you are, then you might aswell go the whole hog, get a degree, then apply for a comission as an officer. That is a long haul though and if I were in your position I would go and get some info from the careers office and then make an informed decision. As GwaiLo said, being an Infantryman means that the Infantry is your trade, however, there are loads of jobs within the infantry, like Signaller (Communications), IT Specialist, Driver and Medic, to name but a few. With regards to your Regiment choice, that is entirely up to you. Do you know much about the 'Yorkies'? Research a few Infantry regiments and maybe find one that does a specialised job that you are interested in. (i.e, Armoured Infantry, Air Assault etc) Good Luck.

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Go into the careers office and say:
1. I want to be over-qualified cannon fodder and they'll give you a rifle
2. I want to be under-qualified cannon fodder and they'll give you a stick and a pink G&T (and if you're lucky, one of those funny accents)
3. I want to be over- then under- qualified cannon fodder and they'll nod and think inwardly "like that's gonna happen" (it does but rarely in the time frame I think you mean)

If you are thinking trade, other than digging, running and all that messy killing... try going into a careers office with an open mind and an idea of what wou want to be doing on a daily basis for the rest of your life. You never know... something else might apeal to you. Perhaps not... but then, at least, you'll have made the perfect decision for you.


Isn't a BTEC worth 2 A levels? Mine got me into uni.

You might be able to do RCB already. Scrub up a bit and go along to the ACIO and see what they offer you.

Remember, they will say ANYTHING to get you into a trade which is understrength.

If you think you have the ability to get a commission then go for it. Why set your sights low? (not a dig at infantry soldiers but from a money and status point of view, you know what I mean)
Thanks for the info, I'm goin to get down to the careers office asap to make a more informed choice. With regards to the BTEC, it is worth 2 a levels, but got this off the official website: "Not all subjects that attract UCAS Tariff points qualify for officer entry, these include Music, British Horse Society, Financial Services awards and the General Studies A level." The course is learning recording techniques etc. and we record other people rather than play the instruments, so im not 100% sure about this one, will have to ask the careers advisor. At the moment I'm thinking of training all summer and going straight in around september as a private. Anything in particular I should ask the careers advisor?
How about RSIGNALS given the use of electronics etc?
I think that would be one of the more relevant options especially as most of the course im on at the moment is based on using different types of audio equipment etc.


DontMentionTheWar said:
How about RSIGNALS given the use of electronics etc?

Oh dear.

have a really good think about what you want out of your time in the army.

Not everyone gets to be what I would call a 'proper soldier' Let us know what the ACIO says to you.

I did 9yrs in the signals so if you want the lowdown on what life as a scaley is like PM me.