Advice please.


I have been an instructor in the ACF for over 13 years now, and have just started having trouble with the vision in my right eye. I love doing range work with the cadets and am wondering if this will mean I'll have to stop this. Does anyone know the full ins and outs, or has anyone had a similar experience. Obviously safety comes first and I'll hand in my green card if I consider myself, or am considered unsafe, but we don't start parading post Christmas until next week, and I wanted to get a rough idea before I speak to my HQ.
It depends entirely how bad your problem is. If it's only one eye, it won't cause you any grief ACF wise.

You should report it to cover your arrse, but it shouldn't make any difference to the ACF.
papegojan said:
I wanted to get a rough idea before I speak to my HQ.

Why not speak to your Doctor and get an exact idea of what is wrong?

It may transpire that you may not need to speak to your HQ at all and certainly wouldn't therefore need to come on here and discuss your eyeballs with the unqualified likes of us.


it may affect your driving more than your shooting at the moment, seek professional advice go and see an opthamologist-eye specialist at your local private hospital it might cost you 75 notes but if you get peace of mind and/or some idea of wtf is going on it's money well the main do it for you not the acf............i know if my eye sight became worse my shooting would only improve!!

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