Advice please.


Ladies and Gents,

Apologies if this isn't in quite the right forum, the recruitment one is a little under-visited.

I'm after a little advice for my mate's daughter who's looking to become a CMT (Apprentice Route, if that's what it's still called), having passed all the usual tests she was offered a place at Harrogate (I think) in January.

However the recruiting types have today said that she'll have to wait until the next adult entry in July or go for Chef in the RLC.

Now then, speaking as an ex-scaleyback, I don't know much about todays recruiting and alot of the options open or terms used, so I can only offer a limited amount of advice.

So then, she really likes the sound of CMT ( I remember it being Carry More Tentage) but also put down Chef as a choice, just coz' they offered it to her. She's been advised by the ACIO to go Chef and transfer at a later date.

My feeling is that if she desperately wants in then go for Chef (I've a vague notion about Civilian qual possibilities) as they're clearly short and would snap her up, so to speak. Don't take this the wrong way, but I would say the CMT isn't quite what the recruiting poster says it is. As for transferring, not an immediate or easy option (experience speaking here).

So, please correct me on any glaring errors and let me know your thoughts on balancing the two up, is CMT higher band by the way?

Oh, by all means banter away but don't suggest a Civvie route, IMHO the army needs enthusiastic recruits.

Thanking you.
what does the lass herself want to do??

this might be an ACIO special - luring people into other choices with 'short falls'

If the lass is clever? enough to go to Foundation College then that will set her up in better stead for her military career - rather than getting stuck in a kitchen.

If chefing is what she wants, then she'd be better waiting until she can join as an adult.


BP, thank you.

I've posted this on the RLC forum site as well, it's attracted a fair bit of comment. Ultimately the decision is hers and should reflect where her heart lies. I think the ACIO may have given her a slightly rose-tinted version of her potential career.

I will advise her to follow her true wish, but I would value any contributions about the current CMT trade. It's not something I know a great deal about.


Feck me son, did you think we wouldnt notice. We've spent all night trying to tell her(not you) to go for what she wants to do...........


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FFS, what is it with army recruiting! This is the 5th girl I've heard about where the lass is being told that, CMT/Int/Sigs/Arty/Etc is unavailable and they will have to go Chef. Are we that short on Chefs?


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Yes it's the second one tonight. :wink: