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Discussion in 'RLC' started by smugley, Jan 5, 2007.

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  1. Ladies and Gents,

    I'm after a little advice for my mate's daughter who's looking to become a RAMC CMT (Apprentice Route, if that's what it's still called), having passed all the usual tests she was offered a place at Harrogate (I think) in January.

    However the recruiting types have today said that she'll have to wait until the next adult entry in July or go for Chef in the RLC.

    Now then, speaking as an ex-scaleyback, I don't know much about todays recruiting and alot of the options open or terms used, so I can only offer a limited amount of advice.

    So then, she really likes the sound of CMT ( I remember it being Carry More Tentage) but also put down Chef as a choice, just coz' they offered it to her. She's been advised by the ACIO to go Chef and transfer at a later date.

    My feeling is that if she desperately wants in then go for Chef (I've a vague notion about Civilian qual possibilities) as they're clearly short and would snap her up, so to speak. I would say the CMT isn't quite what the recruiting poster says it is. As for transferring, not an immediate or easy option (experience speaking here).

    So, please correct me on any glaring errors and let me know your thoughts on balancing the two up, is Chef higher band by the way?

    Oh, by all means banter away but don't suggest a Civvie route, IMHO the army needs enthusiastic recruits.

    Thanking you.
  2. Colonel Tim Collins in his book Rules of Engagement (at p423) was scathing about this issue when he wrote:

    "The training regime has become largely civilianised, which brings attendant problems...the actual training places become available very slowly, and as a result a young person who turns up at a recruiting office is often invited to come back in six months or more. So much happens in a teenager's life in six months and we rarely see them again. This is no way to man an army and the figure show it does not work. This has come about because of the success of the civil service in gaining power over the controls of the Armed Services and their attempts to run it as a business...."

    The above post would seem to vindicate Collin's analysis.

    Regards and best wishes
  3. Wise words, thank you. I just hope she keeps up her drive to get to where she wants to be.
  4. My advice would be NOT to join up in a trade she does want to pursue fully. If she does she may not be able to transfer easily and indeed the recruiting staff need to mentored on proffering such advice in the first instance.
    I had a case just like yours where a soldier arrived in my battalon and asked to trasfer to medical corps on his initial iterview - it never happened!!
  5. From previous experience recruiters tend to talk bollox to get people into jobs that are undermanned.

    If she really wants CMT then she should push for it. If she goes chef there's no guarantee that she'll be able to transfer across easily. No point doing a job you don't like.
  6. It is possible to transfer at a later date but peer and superior pressure may make her stay a chief when she doesn't want to be.

    I would suggest that any trade with the RAMC would be better than enlisting in the RLC only to hanker after that 'lost' trade. Even if this means waiting 6 months, join the St John's (yes I know it isn't quite the same! It does show willing and give her something to talk about at the interview stage). You never know, it might show her that being a chief is exactly what she wants.

    My perception is that recruiters say you can easier transfer, it is difficult within a Corps, and nearly impossible at that early stage to move across Corps! It is just my perception though.......

    I hope she finds what she is loooking for (to quote a song). A happy soldier in the right trade, another Corps is far better than an unhappy one in the RLC.
  7. Hear hear Nords!
  8. Thanks for the advice, much appreciated and much agreed.

    But to play the devils advocado, it could be argued that whilst transferring at the early stages is nigh on impossible, come JNCO level she would be at a far stronger position.

    If she still doesn't fancy staying a Chef for her whole career, she probably has a wider choice as a serving soldier than as a potential recruit, not just her initial option of CMT.

    Just a thought to throw into the forum.
  9. I think your opinions are begining to show here. I think you think that chef is the better option.
    I agree with the majority here, let her wait and go for the trade that she truly wants. It may get more difficult at JNCO level to transfer, if of course she makes it that far as a chef. It will be difficult to hide within the trade if her hearts not in it.
    And anyway why use our corps as a stepping stone?

    She must wait.
  10. Definitely wait and join what she wants..... Who is employing who here? Who's undermanned and desperate for people?

    ACIO's spout shite all the time - tell her to go in there and say, CMT or nothing, take me or leave me and I'll go and find another job. I'm sure a vaccancy will suddenly open up :)

    If not, then RAF or Navy medics are a good crack.

    Bluffing ACIO feckers !!!
  11. Absolutely.

    I am not a Chef, but I am in the RLC, and the Chef CEG has the fastest promotion within the corps, and amongst the fastest in the army. There are a massive ranges of postings for the Chef (more than the RAMC), and Chefs are on the high pay band within the army.

    There is a plethora of civilian acredited qualifications available and opportunity to serve with Airborne and Commando forces (I appreciate she is female, but the army is in a state of flux over these matters and it won't be long before all these jobs are open to females (in my opinion)).

    I my view (unless she absolutely hates the idea of being a Chef), then she should go for it. As a previous poster has already said, if she waits too long - other interests will take precedence, her own independance, bouyfriends and money.

    Counsel her on the matter with a view to reconsidering. She can always transfer at a later date (after she has qualified preferably), and follow her original chosen route.
  12. I'm pretty sure that it won't.

    And they will tell her to bugger off.
  13. This is makes sense, thanks for your inputs. I think she'd do well to have a gander at this forum rather than just my input.

    Like your post Bottleosmoke, jumped ship from my corps after 10 years. Didn't think of it as a stepping stone, more of a springboard. If I hadn't have had the experience gained there, probably wouldn't have got very far.

    Keep the ideas coming, much appreciated.
  14. Smugley

    Chefs are hugely under recruited and the Army needs them. As you well know, if she trains to be a Chef, gets to LCpl 2 then decides to retrade to CMT she will struggle. We all know about the internal market, how important it is to offer retrades but IN REALITY she will struggle to get away once a Chef. Her QM, MCM Div and all will all want to retain her as a Chef as it is a pinch point trade and losing unit mught not get a replacement. Furthermore, a poorly motivated disinterested Chef will hardly be a good prospect for the RAMC!! My two penny worth would be for YOU to go and chat to the ACIO and find out why she cannot go RAMC now - I am sure a well intentioned Recruier is trying to do the right thing by the Army and recruit Chefs - but that is no help to your girl.
  15. RF,
    Good call, however I suspect that the recruiters would only be able to offer the party line, Chef recruiting takes priority right now. Though I don't know exactly how the system works, whether the recruiting system would bend to take an obviously keen potential CMT or stick by their guns about Chef.

    I know that Chef was one of her choices, but I'd probably have to speak to her first and see a, where she really wants to go and b, whether she would take second choice with the risk of a creating the disinterested soldier you mention. I would hope not, but I'm not the one joining up.

    All in all, good food for thought.