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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by lil_inch, May 19, 2006.

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  1. Hey, I joined the TA about 4 months ago and am due to go on my CSMR in june and i am very nervous about it. I really want to pass it. No one will tell me what happens during the two weeks. Could someone please give me some information about it please? Thanks Inch xxx
  2. Your best bet is to talkt to your recruiting team, or failing that a member of your unit that has done it quite recently.

    The course varies slightly depending on what training reg you are at but you'll cover the basics:

    Skill at arms (rifle stuff, including a bunch at the ranges)
    Foot Drill
    Map Reading
    A CFT (A 4mile march with a Bergen and some weight in it)
    Some other balls lessons like "The law of armed conflict"
    And some field craft- Here you basically learn to live in the field and do some very basic infantry type stuff.

    It's all not that taxing, the only thing to worry about is the Phys and some people have trouble with the Skill at arms stuff.

    Let me know where you are going and I can try and find out what exactly you will do.

    T C
  3. So you don't read the newspapers much then?

    You know the "Soldier Courtmartialed for killing Iraq civilian" or "Soldiers get x years jail following tourture/deaths" type headlines.?
  4. I dont think that them sitting thru a powerpoint presentation would have changed the outcome...
    I understand that it is an important lesson, though boring, and I was just lumping it in with the other ones that i've forgotten about.

    T C
  5. Im goin to bassingbourne on the 10th june
  6. Nothing to worry about go with a postivtive attitude and you'll be fine have you had your course joining instructions yet? if not ask for them it will detail what you will need to bring
  7. army web site and look for the new mmatt 1-4 pdf , thats what youre doing as well as being messed
  8. for my course joining instruction do i just ask someone in Recruiting? at my TA centre
  9. If that’s in regards to receiving your instructions then it should have been sent out. If for what ever reason you have yet to receive yours chase up on this on the recruiting team. If you have the instructions, chase up on getting it signed away and collecting the kit listed on the instructions.
  10. Just remember to take a RAZOR and not an electric shaver (especially not the mains variety).